Long time lurker and thong obsessed


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Hi All.

Long time lurker of this forum and had to restrain until now on creating an account. Name is english_couple however my partner doesn’t know as of yet i’ve created an account.

I’d like to hope she’s knows i’m into thongs, I mean the word gets mentioned multiple times per day and she knows I am an ass man.

I’m 31, she’s 29. She’d often let me sniff the worn thong she has on whilst she’s giving me head, it helps me finish.

For the first time in the ten years we’ve been together, yesterday I told her that I was going to cum in one of her thongs. I went upstairs took the smallest blue thong I could find and a black one also to sniff whilst tugging. I cummed right on the gusset of the blue thong, where you could see she had worn it against her pussy.

I took it down to her and funnily asked her if she was proud of me, her first reaction was “is that soap” I said no, she said it was. She then sniffed it and called me a tramp. Lol, I said when your on, ill resort to this is that ok, she said ok.

So yeah, we are now on the journey together, onto many more cum filled gussets


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Just a bit of info about my partner as I guess your more interested in her than me.

She’s 5 foot 9 and a size 12. Brunette and has wore thongs since she was 18. She prefers the larger size cotton like thong from Primark as she says they are comfortable and however only normally wears these on lounging days or whilst she’s on her period.

She is not on the pill so we have to be careful when having sex, 90% of the time she’ll want me to finish in her mouth, i’ve asked her where she prefers it and she says mouth as it’s the least messy. In previous times when she’s been on contraception, it was more of a 70/30 split which 70 being mouth and 30 being pussy or elsewhere (feet, face, back, ass etc)

She often allows me when i’m close to finishing and have already made her cum to go take her into another room where we have a mirror, i’m a bit of a foot man also. So she kneels in front of the mirror in a thong only and sucks until I cum. The kneeled on feet pose in a thong is one of my favourites.

If she wants to finish me in the bed, sometimes i’ll sit upright and she lies on her stomach, I can see her ass and she puts her feet up for me so I can see her soles.

She’s very submissive, i’d love to see someone else enjoy her however i’m too controlling to ever let that happen and I guess it would ruin the relationship


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If anyone wants to know anything specific I suppose just ask. I know everyone has their own little kinks. Good to be in and around the forum.

If only there was the technology to smell through the screen!


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Would love to see her ass and panty drawer. How often do you have sex? Doe she like her pussy eaten
I can try and get her panty drawer tomorrow whilst she’s working. It’s all thongs.

She enjoys that yeah, softly though. I think she enjoys her clit being sucked. She can’t cum from that alone though, usually she cums through penetration AND a vibrator on her clit.

We have sex not enough for my liking. I usually get to cum twice a week, if she can’t be arsed for sex she usually just sucks me off
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Looking forward to seeing her panty drawer. I agree most women love their clit being sucked and a vibrator can be big help. Very happy she likes to swallow.


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Looking forward to seeing her panty drawer. I agree most women love their clit being sucked and a vibrator can be big help. Very happy she likes to swallow.
Oh yeah, she often says “It’s the only hole it doesn’t come back out of so less mess” She also points out if she thinks i’ve had a wank in the week haha


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Just thought i’d put a little update in here as did something new yesterday. Highly recommend.

Crotchless pink thong

Vibrating wand
5.4 inch Dildo

Gave my partner a good eating out last night, proper longed it out to get in her good books. Moved up and stuck my cock in her pussy as I usually do before lying down and letting her return the brief favour of sucking my cock.

Started to fuck her on the bottom. Could feel her edging towards climax so quickly told her to stay in the position whilst I went around the back, as I did this I grabbed the wand and put it right on her clit as I entered from behind. She hates doggy unless it’s with the wand. I moved it away after a few deep thrusts as I knew she was guna cum and I had it all pre planned in my head. I then said to her sit in that position, stick the dildo up your pussy put the wand on your clit and suck my cock. I love head and doing it like this was a first however it was great, she was so into it. She said she was guna cum and asked me if I was also, this basically made me reach climax and I released in her closed mouth as she was tugging my cock into her mouth with one hand whilst her other was gently ticking my balls. As I came hard she also seemingly came, it was fucking unreal honestly. To cum in the mouth of a woman who’s cumming also, fucking insane.

Go and try it if you haven’t, If you have to give your partner a massage or buy her a gift to get her to let you do it then do it as it’s worth it