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pearl thong

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Can I tell you how much I love warm weather?

This MILF was awesome. Coudl clearly see the thong, but the pictures, just failed. You can see her ass swallowing up her shorts:

This milf had nothing on, I got several clear views of her bending over. No v string or anything.


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wow she was better off not wearing a thong because it would of showed through those white shorts, figured she was wearing a G-string.

joni joni

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I disagree (the perv in me says) she should've worn a white thong as it is the only appropriate panty for white pants. and it would've shone nicely
You're actually only supposed to wear "nude" color underwear under white. I was thinking she had on a seamless nudge thong that lays real flat. A lot of women make the mistake of wearing white under white. I even have two nude thongs for my white golf pants and white linen pants I wear to the beach on vacation.