My 26 year old hot wife

They were there. She is a real stunner. Hopefully he puts them back up. Everyone needs to see all of her.
I’ll put the boob pic back up soon, just realised I’d posted so much that I didn’t want to saturate the thread. Want to keep you all wanting more... and so does she!


Wow, she is amazing! Thank you for sharing her pictures!

The thong Bikinis are awesome! Please post more of them :love:


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Very beautiful girl. The bodysuit and the blue thong and bra set are incredible.
Her tits nipples are amazing.

Hopefully you continue to post her beautiful body.


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Oh yes! I love her boobs and her tiny waist! I especially love that she wears sexy thongs! please show us some more of her thonged ass! even better have her spread those delicious cheeks of hers! that really gets me going!


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oh hell yes!!! she has a super sexy ass and some amzingly cute little thongs! so hot!!! Thanks for sharing! really turning me on over here! yum! I would love to borrow her for a night! XP