My Collection of Panty Raids - With Detailed Stories and Pics


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So excluding the hotel work, most of my pairs have mainly came from female friends, or any females that are related to a friend of mine. That usually includes roommates, sisters, mothers, or other friends. I will say my opportunities have gone down too after recently finishing college, but the best tip I have is to actually accept when people invite you over. Many of my quick 1-2 pair raids were unexpected and unplanned. But just increasing the number of times you are over at someone's house is only going to increase your odds at snagging a quick pair.

Once you do get the chance to be at someone's house who is either female, has a sister, female roommate, etc., I always take note of where that bedroom I want to raid is, and convince everyone to go as far away from it. Whether its to the backyard or basement, then just excuse yourself to the washroom. Run over quickly and snag a pair or two.

The best of course is housesitting/dogsitting/watering plants, and that's just purely luck and very rare, so if you do get the opportunity, make sure you make the most of it. But if you are worried about stuff like nanny cams and some people even put cameras in their living rooms these days, you can download a wifi scanner app that shows you everything connected to their router so you can easily identify if they have a camera hooked up.

A riskier method I have done in the past is at the local lakes/beaches, or even at the pool, a lot of the younger people leave their bags unattended, not so much the older family groups. I have waited until the entire group went to go float and hang out in the water, then sneak over and grab a pair of panties they have just taken off. I only did this one when I was younger so I looked much more innocent, haven't done it since so idk how successful it is now. This way is also harder to get pictures since you need both hands and being quick is very important. I did document it once though, stealing panties from a competitive swimmer's bag while she swam in the pool right beside her bag. (Posting it in the future).
What wifi scanner app do you have please ?
I am on apple


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I can relate to all the things you say. Especially the bathroom trick when you go only when the downstairs one is occupied. You live and learn also, I have missed opportunities in the past as I didn’t act in a specific way, i’ve became a bit of a pro now.

I would say, some of the things you have said would be crossing the line for me. Acting like this is fine if it’s for our own personal pleasure. Leaving an intimate mess in someone’s clean thong, putting someone’s toy up their ass or pissing on someone’s toothbrush for me is crossing the line. By all means do it, but don’t leave that stuff for the owner to then use. It may seem erotic but be respectful.

Don’t mean to be controversial but I am
sure a lot of us have daughters on here, maybe sisters etc. We wouldn’t want them
exploited like this.

I am a panty sniffer also but I try to draw a line on things. Don’t do something you might regret later down the line
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I used the app called Fing, no need to pay for anything the base app is good enough
If you are house/ pet sitting, have you ever tried disconnecting the wifi/router while you were there? Would that prevent any nanny cam from seeing you?


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If Loulex is having a good time, let it be. It's his decision what to do, and what not. I guess all of you are enjoying his thread and at least the pictures he posts, so accept it or not. We are here for thongs and the stories behind them.
BTW, I totally agree with English_couple. Be respectful. But no judgment here. I hope for more posts !
Story 7 - Robin:

One of my very first posts on reddit years ago, also probably my most daring raid. This one took probably over an hour of waiting just to convince myself to have the balls to go take them. Also, this one may be a hot enough to overtake Natalie as a fan favourite, especially with the ass on her.

Just a quick tease so you know what I'm talking about here!

Now this was back when I was in highschool, I had just finished working out at the local recreation center but one thing about the gym was that it overlooked the large swimming pools. I had never tried it, but I had always dreamed about raiding the locker rooms at the pool. The pool at this location housed some fairly large swim teams in our local area. Enough so that they had a separate locker room permanently set up for the professional swimmers. Once in a field trip when I was a kid, I recall using those changerooms as a class group, and everyone basically just threw their stuff in the lockers and never even bothered to lock it up. Of course it was super risky, I just wanted to go over and really double check that this was an impossible raid.

I headed out to the bleachers that ran around the pool on top. I got a seat facing the doors to the changerooms and just watched to examine the traffic that went through the changeroom doors. It was less than the public side, this one was tucked away on the other side, but it was just too busy with coaches pacing around the entrance, the lifeguard breakroom was situated near there as well, and there were multiple age groups of teams constantly practicing so none of their schedules really lined up. Around this time, one of the swim teams were doing their dry-land warmups right behind me in the open space. I'm not sure why but this one girl in the red on the left caught my eye. It seems like fate that I snuck a picture of her, before I even knew I could take her panty. Weird how things work out like this.

This group of girls all looked really cute but I do have a thing for brunettes. I tried to keep one eye on the girls do their stretches and at the swimmers, and this went on until it was their time to use the pool. I watched as she made her way down the stairs and across the pool deck. I was also pleasantly surprised when the group of girls stopped halfway to the changeroom and dropped their bags on the pool deck. Of course, while the changeroom was used to change, their huge bags never fit inside the lockers. Dozens of bags from every swimmer was basically stashed away somewhere on the pool deck or on the bleachers. These are screenshots from a video so sorry for the quality, however you can see Robin in the red swimsuit stop right beside the silver bag with the turquoise equipment bag right beside it.

Then she walks off with her swim gear with her friend as she gets ready to jump in for some laps.

As soon as they were all in the pool, a plan hatched in my mind. There was only a couple people hanging around the starting blocks, one being the coach, and the rest being lifeguards. She left her bag about halfway up the length of the pool on the side. The issue was that everyone else on the pool deck either looked like a professional swimmer with their bags or were in their swim shorts. Since I didn't want to draw attention to myself, I took my shirt off and headed down to the pool deck with my gym back around my back. While it didn't look like I was a competitive swimmer, I did look like I was about to head for a swim with a towel in my back. I walked around the pool deck until I reached where their bags sat. Still nervous and worried people were watching me, I took a seat in the white chair seen in the picture above. I moved it to the other side of the purple bag and sat where there was an opening. Despite this, I still felt very exposed since there were literally hundreds of people around me, plus at any given time, Robin could literally take a breath and see me sitting right beside her bag. It was literally like if god had given me a symbol, I didn't even have to rummage through anything and I could see the little PINK waistband logo staring right back at me, sitting on the top of her bag. It was basically falling out, just asking to be taken.

I took out my phone not just for pictures, but also I pretended like someone had called me and I sat there for ~10 minutes just fake talking until the coaches moved to the other side. I was hoping at this stage, since I had been sitting for so long that people forgot I was there and I blended into the background. I slowly shuffled my chair over until I could reach over and quickly snatch the thong right out of the bag. Here it is sitting inside my bag, you can see the tile and even the chair leg in the background.

Her bag had her name and ID tag on it so of course it was easy to find her social media. Sure enough the girl online matched the girl from the screenshots. She kept professionally swimming and you know she worked hard on her body, especially her legs :)

And of course, the panty pictures!

Now wait, what's that in the background? I have a surprise, this was actually 2 raids in one day!

After I had successfully taken the thong from Robin, I went back up to the bleachers. This was where the exit was to my car, but I noticed some bags unattended, and after my brazen raid just minutes before, I had the courage to go and try this as well. Now there were parents and other spectators on the bleachers, luckily these bags were at the top, above any other spectator. The only thing I had to worry about was that there were trampolines behind me, where the divers were practicing their tucks and rolls. I sat at the top, right beside the unattended bags. Once the coast was clear, I bent over and went through the first bag, which came up with nothing, then the next and still nothing. I switched over to the right side of the bags and sat down, and I struck gold. I found a sports bra and a pair of cute panties and stuffed them safely in my bag!

Now at this time I could easily just leave, but I wanted to know who's bag I had gone through since I forgot to take a picture of the nametag. I stood at the opposite side and waited until a group walked over and collected their bags. I was ecstatic when the cute dirty blonde teen walked over and grabbed her bag, unaware that her change of clothes were gone, as she walked down to the deck to begin her swimming practice.

Now enjoy the photos of her panties, as well as some extra photos of Robin for you to jack off to.

Oh my god, such a beautiful and exciting girl is worth taking such high risks. Among other things, those panties are really fantastic. Please describe the perfumes of the thong

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