My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!


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I caught this yesterday and felt like I needed to share with everyone for your stroking pleasure!

Check out that HOT peeking thong from my wife!...IMG_2765.jpg

After that, she went and took a shower. The door to the bathroom was slightly open, so I peeked in to find that tiny blue thong (that she had peeled off just a minute prior) in a ball on the floor right in front of me! I got down and took a few deep sniffs while she was 2 feet away in the shower - it smelled fucking hot and sexy, her pussy and asshole the charts!!! :)

And, I quickly snapped a shot for you all to enjoy! Check out her hot pussy stain!


Enjoy! And let me know if the pics get you stroking and cumming!


great work! you are an artist! sexy pic of her panty hanging out! can we see her panty draw?


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Glad you guys enjoy!!!!

Man, I'm so bummed that my epic SIL thong adventures thread from whaletailtalk is just gone :(

I will do my very best to post more soiled thong adventures soon!


dubman! Took me a while, but I found this forum. I too look forward to the messes your SIL leaves behind in her thongs.


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I wish you could all taste!!!

Dude, she's been running a lot lately - and, when she does, she leaves behind massive wet spots of fresh pussy juice in her thong. I vow to get a pic of a fresh one sometime soon...!


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She's out running right now! I will do my best to snap some pics of her fresh wet thong while she's in the shower!


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Glad you guys are enjoying!

Have any of you stroked or cummed to the pics? Would love to know!!!

And, Bluebird, her thongs always smell HOT!!! A nice blend of clean, sexy pussy with a hint of sexy asshole (nowhere near as pungent as my SIL).


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Nice Bluebird!

Yes, I do sniff all of her thongs - every single day, usually within 20 minutes or less after she takes them off to take a shower.

I have even come home from work for lunch to sniff and cum with a pair if I find one that has a super pungent asshole scent!

My SIL isn't really a dirty little slut, but she's hot and her asshole simply smells amazing! 😃
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Today's thong from my wife! Freshly peeled off about an hour ago before her shower!!!!

I saw the hottest whaletail with this one last night! I tried to grab my phone and snap a shot, but it would've b too obvious!

Anyways, this hot thong is still warm! Surprisingly, not much scent or stain. My lady keeps her business clean. But, there was a slight hint of sexy asshole scent, which I love! 😃

Enjoy and please comment!