My lovely Aussie wife.


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I would like to introduce you my lovely Aussie wife! I hope you will like all my pictures of her little sexy ass in thongs.
Feel free to leave me any comment please.
I will submit many pictures of her if you wish ;)



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Where are your ideas, comments, feedback and so on ?!
I thought you will be so happy (horny) to see my wife's sexy stuff and you would send me your dirty minds and ideas what else I can buy for my princess and how to ... awwrrr
But no one is sending anything :(
What about this kind of thong?
CIMG6437.jpg CIMG6439.jpg CIMG6440.jpg CIMG6441.jpg CIMG6447.jpg CIMG6448.jpg CIMG6453.jpg CIMG6455.jpg


Such a hot body. You ever been to Australia? What is the deal with thongs over there? How did your wife get introduced to them?