My MIL who's 62


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Just found this. I knew she wasn't going to be home today. The best part is she told me she was wearing one yesterday and here it is today!
I have a MIL who is 52 and all she wears is thongs and caught her in them to (peeking through window)
. I wish i had this relationship with her, how did you start ?


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A few months ago I talked my mil into buying a new set of VS mostly thongs! So I knew that my in laws would be not home for a couple hours and I went over to her house. I hit the freaking jackpot. I found a ton of dirty thongs and a few g strings in her hamper. My father in law is a total dick so I made sure to take my time and bust a load on all over as many pairs as I could. They all smelled so good! I even brought the pink g string home for a bit...I'll return it later.





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We have a flirtatious type of relationship. Nothing sexual (although I sometimes want to bend her over). It started by talking about underwear lines and how much i hate them years ago. Her not knowing that i sneak over to check her dirties finding that she's been wearing thongs lately or not. Also she sometimes we will text back and forth and she gives me the daily update of thong or panties.


Nice. You'll have to keep exploring those boundaries. Maybe she will keep buying sexier ones or you might sneak in a picture or something lol