My sisters friends thongs story and pictures


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I was on vacation with my family and my sister brought one of her friends. Her friend had been getting better looking every time I saw her. She used to be a bigger girl, but she started working out and had a nice big ass and really big tits. I still wasn’t sure if she wore thongs but after going to the beach and seeing how cheeky her bikini bottoms were I started to think she definitely wore thongs. The problem was that it was difficult to get a good opportunity to snoop around her room because their room was upstairs and mine was downstairs. Plus, my sister and her friend spent a lot of time in there room. I started to think of a way to somehow get up there by myself and I realized that there was a shower upstairs and one downstairs. I waited till someone went in the downstairs shower then waited till my sister and her friend were downstairs and told everyone I was taking a shower. Luckily nobody really cared, and I snuck my way into my sister and her friend’s room. I was still pretty sketched out that someone might catch me, so I tried to go fast and not over stay my welcome. I looked around for a bit and was able to take a picture of 2 of her thongs. I couldn’t help myself and I found a third thong of hers and took it into the bathroom with me. I jerked off with the grey thong that was so soft and hot. Looking back my only regret is not spending more time finding every thong she had but was still glad that I got to jack off with one. This is not the only time I have jerked off with one of my sisters friends thongs. Let me know if you want to hear the other story and let me know what you think of this story and pictures. Has anyone else done anything like this?

I'll tell you about an experience (one of the many I've had, I started when I was 15, now I'm 45) that I had as a student. I've lived the last few years sharing some houses with other kids. One of them was engaged (now married) to a beautiful, very sexy and attractive girl. Nice physique, nice little face and a nice temper. However with me very kind. I've wanted to smell his panties for months but never got around to it. One day, I don't know why, he left the boy a bag of dirty clothes to wash because her and her other roommates' washing machines had broken. Our washing machine was placed in the courtyard (we were on the ground floor). At night, around 10.30 pm, when I returned from the gym, I wasn't even thinking about it. I was in the room and I heard the boy going out to do something. Without showing up, I saw him loading the washing machine. I thought he would let it go immediately but I don't know why he loads it and then he goes back to the room to stay there. Perhaps he intended to send her off in the morning. As I saw this, the adrenaline shot up to 1000 and I don't tell you the fuck. I was aware that I might as well not find anything anyway I hoped. I waited for all the lights in the bedrooms to go out, then in the dark I went into the courtyard. The risk was great because he could have arrived at any moment. I probably would have found a good excuse, but still he would have broken me to find me there. When I got to the washing machine, lit only by the moon, I opened the door and slipped my hand in without seeing, only feeling for some of his panties. Every now and then I stopped, and went back inside for 5-10 minutes, then I succeeded and tried again. In the end, now desperate, I was about to give up when I felt something in the lace to the touch, I pulled it out, and… GO!! A pair of black lace panties. I put them in my pocket and quickly went to my room. My heart was pounding. I locked myself up. I take them out of my pocket. I opened them and brought them to my nose: They had an intense smell of pussy, much more intense than I thought, imagining her. Despite the post-gym fatigue (at that time I was doing body building) my cock exploded in my pants. I undressed and being very horny, a few taps with her panties on my nose were enough, after having licked them well, to get a good cumshot. When it was all over, I ran and put them back in the washing machine. I wanted to keep them but not knowing how many other panties were in the washing machine, I didn't want to take the risk. Imagine the next day when I saw them hanging out in our yard to dry along with the other things. Considering I prewashed them, they came out really clean. I was laughing under my mustache for screwing them over.