My Underwear Collection


Nice couple of stashes!!
The top 2 thongs in your 3rd stash are TINY

I don't see the Gregg Homme g string from your first post??


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Thanks for your interest @ThongOne
These are just the women's I have from MrsProud, I normally wear men's for everyday underwear. That collection is fairly large!!

Those tiny ones are both Wicked Weasels from MrsProud that I could almost never get rid of.


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Thanks for your response. I have never counted.
Yes, I have the 2 that are just strings, kind of a g-string cock ring. They are great


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How are the ikingsky?
They are really good. Especially for the price.
The tiny shorts are very comfortable, hold everything in well, soft, and thong crotch.
The triangle backs are soft cotton, a bit big in the pouch, for me any way! Very comfortable.
The satin type thongs are my go to inexpensive ones, unbelievably soft & comfy, fit perfect, they don't roll or bunch up.
Will definitely be buying more styles!