need some comments on this ex, she's wanting to hear them!!


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2 (12).jpg

she wants to know what you would do to her if you could have 1 night with her


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Worshiping her lovely ass would be the start of the evening.Her cumming until she begged for it to end would finish it off. :D


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found another pic of her, we still fool around some and she has a very tight pussy, she's really horny thinking about all the guys jacking off to her pics and is anxiously wanting comments. let her know what you think of her body and what you would do to her



Mhmm What I would do to her body. I would take her to my bedroom, tie her up all 50 shades of grey style. Leave her only if her sexiest panties. Run my hands up and down her body as I kiss her neck and rub my throbbing cock against her pussy. She moans and begs me to fuck her, but not yet! I nipple on her ear and begin to caress her tight pussy. She can beg all she wants, Im in control. I slowly make my way down her body kissing every inch, her collarbones, then her breasts, her navel, her legs then inside her thighs as she begs for my tongue in her pussy! All tied up and now where to go I slide her wet panties to the side and begin to lick her wet pussy dry! Licking her tight lips and leaving her clit for the right moment. I suck and lick on that pussy as she pours her warm juices all over my face. I lick closer and closer to her clit as she moans my name! OH BIGMAN! OH BIGMAN! LICK MY CLIT! LICK MY CLIT! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME!....No sweetie, you must wait until BIGMAN says you're ready...(to be continued);)

Let's double team her;) Have her PM for the conclusion of the story with a pic of her panties and panty draw:)