Nicole Coco Austin Thong


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Of all her thong photos, I think this one from 2012 is my favorite. The pose highlights her butt shape and plumpness, and wearing a rare Y-string makes it that much better.

I do have a story to go along with it, too. I was watching E! news with my then gf, and at the end of an episode, the host (a guy) and Maria Menounos (IIRC) were wrapping up when a blocked-out version of the photo came on screen. The guy was visibly embarrassed and said something like, "and here's E! regular coco in a thong."

To my memory, Maria was complimentary (or whoever the female was on the show). My gf at the time was like, "Oh my god, I can't believe they censored it!" I think that added to my bias toward my liking of the photo. Unfortunately, I cannot find that E! news clip anywhere.
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