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If anyone has ever been pantsed by girls whilst wearing a thong or women’s panties, share your stories with us, I’m sure people would love to hear them, I know I would.


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I actually have been pantsed a couple of times by both a man and women. Just as an intro I am a 28 year old straight male who wears mens thongs. I have been wearing them for close to a decade now and have a decent collection, it all started when an ex girlfriend bought me a pair to wear in the bedroom almost as a joke but it blossomed into something real and now I just love the feel and look of them. I am pretty secretive about it and dont go around showing it off or telling people. The only people who know are girls that I have slept with and my best friend who I lived with for a few years. I have gotten a mixed bag of reactions over the years but I usually dont let it bother me, its me wearing them so who cares. I have a bunch of embarrassing and fun stories to share but I will start with this pantsing one.

I would have to say that the most embarrassing but also sexually exciting time happened to me a couple of years ago at my friends cottage. I was there with my best buddy, his fiancee and her sister. As I said he is the only friend of mine who knows because he saw them in the laundry a while ago and asked me about it. He had a good laugh but in the end didnt seem to care too much, I asked him not to tell anyone and he had kept his word up until this day. We were all hanging out on the deck having some drinks and catching the sun, I was wearing nothing but my swim shorts and a tiny grey thong underneath. I am usually very careful when wearing thongs around ppl and try to make sure there is no chance of it popping out or anything but apparently my friend must have known I had one on. I was standing there talking to his fiancee and her sister who were 26 and 25 at the time and both looking rather good in their bikinis. I remember crossing my arms and even flexing a little bit to try and make myself look tough when all of a sudden I felt a tug at my shorts and before I knew it they were around my ankles leaving me standing right beside and infront of these two girls in nothing but my tiny grey thong. I remember seeing the look of shock on their faces and then them both bursting out laughing as I reached for my shorts to pull them up. I turned to my friend and yelled out "you bastard" as I tried to look cool and laugh it off, he just said sorry man but I had to. And the girls continued giggling and his fiancee yelled out "nice undies man" and her sister said "I totally saw your ass". Afterwards I had to just try and explain that I wore thongs sometimes and after a good conversation with a lot of laughter the whole thing blew over for the most part. Still fun to look back on though.
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If anyone else wants to hear anymore fun/sexy stories feel free to ask because I have a few more I would be willing to share.
@josthong would love to hear some more of your stories! getting pantsed / wedgied / humiliated while wearing a thong is basically my favorite thing. I wear thongs pretty much every day, and always in bright colors, hoping someone will notice and humiliate me. over the years my close friends have found out about my preferred underwear choice and have exposed me a number of times. I can share a number of stories too.

I guess I'll start with how it all began, the first time I got caught.

I was hanging out and drinking with some friends plus a couple girls. We were in the backyard and I was feeling pretty tipsy. Well, I decided it would be a good idea to try to climb my friend’s tree. I jumped up and grabbed a branch, and was dangling there, trying to pull myself up. Everyone was watching and cheering me on drunkenly. Right then my friend snuck up behind me and in one swift motion yanked my shorts down to my ankles! Well, nobody really knew at that time but I wear thongs or panties pretty much every day. That day I was wearing a hot pink thong from Victoria’s Secret and all of a sudden I was just hanging there totally exposed!

“Oh my god!” said one of the girls. “He’s wearing a pink thong!” said the other. Everyone busted out laughing.

“Didn’t know you wore such slutty little underwear, pinkthongboy!” said the friend who had pantsed me. I dropped down quickly and bent over to pull my shorts up but tripped over them, still with my thong on full display, garnering more laughter. Before I could manage to get my shorts back up my friend grabbed my thong and yanked it up my ass in a huge wedgie. “Do you like when your underwear rides up your ass?” he said and everyone died laughing again as I tried to pry my thong away.

I finally managed to get my pants back up, but they all messed with me about it the rest of the night, especially as everyone got drunker and drunker.

They said stuff like:

“Remember his little pink thong?”

“Don’t get so wound up. maybe your pink thong is riding up?”

“Careful when you bend over! We don’t need to see your whaletail!”

It was truly humiliating, and I loved every minute of it 😳

I have some more stories as well, both with those friends and others.


One time I was with my then girlfriend and her mum and older sister, we were visiting their beach house as they were getting it ready to go to market so we had to do a few back and forward trips cleaning and getting it into shape. We had spent most of the day running around and we were all pretty tired so decided to take a break, now the weather was pretty sunny so my girlfriends mum suggested we jump into the pool for a bit to cool down. The three of them were all for it but I hadn't come prepared with any swimwear so told them I'd have to just sit out. Her mum said don't be silly we haven't come wearing our bikinis we will go in our underwear, besides they're the same thing just different material. I was all for seeing the three of them in their bra n panties as my girlfriend only sported a thong that day with no bra so there would be one topless! But the issue was I was wearing a neon pink g string and only my girlfriend knew I wore thongs so I insisted its alright I wasn't in the mood for a swim I'd just watch. Her sister did comment something about me being shy and the three of them started to undress. My girlfriend had a summers dress on so just lifted that over her head till she was in her lace thong, whilst her sister and mum both had skinny jeans with a tee which both stripped out of. To my delight they two were thongers but had a bra on that day. I continued to just pace around the decking whilst being taunted of being shy and being asked whether I was going commando and whether I was shy to show my junk off, quite belittling but pleasurable at the same time! Then her mum asked to grab their drink from the table which was behind me to which I did but as I turned I felt my shorts being yanked down to my ankles, I didn't want to drop the drinks so I tried to put them back on to the table as fast as I could but I was left exposed with my pink neon thong with all of them laughing. Her older sister commented wow didn't know you were sleeping with a guy who wore thongs what other stuff do we not know about?! my girlfriend just giggled and asked why she had to pants me like that but her mum said its all in good fun looks like we all enjoy wearing a thong. I was pretty humiliated but noticed I was getting hard simultaneously - since the cat was out of the bag I stepped out of my shorts and joined them all in the pool with a hard on knowing I was surrounded by 3 hot women!