Save the Whaletails?


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It seems to be the case that the whaletail is becoming extinct. Simply do not see exposed thongs anymore, not like it was around the early years of this century. Remember when sightings were fairly common. It even became an issue in schools and workplaces pertaining to dress codes. People would write letters to. Dear Abby or whatever complaining about how offensive or tacky they found it. Young women were called "skanks" in the slang lingo of their generation for having their thongs showing. And they even got into American political discourse during the Clinton administration- Monica Lewinsky and her thong flashes.
I lived in a college town with lots of young women, but maybe 8 or 10 years ago exposed thongs seem to have vanished.
Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they are still out there. Would be interested in others' thoughts. One thing I am fairly sure of, they are still being worn, what with the great popularity of yoga pants on women. Just don't see visible panty lines, so its either thongs or nothing.


Yeah I think becuase fashion has changed. There are no more low rider jeans really. Yoga pants are the main fashion now and they are very tight so never really have a chance to reveal a whale tail, but on the plus side many of them are see through or can reveal a nice vtl


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hm it's kinda depressing. my first love, she was a metalhead too, does not wear anything but thongs. Like me she's born in the 80ies. It's kind of sad but all the other girls I've known from the "Scene", being born in the 90ies, do not wear thongs. If there wouldn't be the whaletail-forum i'd think that there are no more current whaletails :D
It's kind of grothesque but the only girl i've met, wearing thongs und being born in the (late) 90ies is an altar girl :D ;) (dunno if this is the correct term and if this exists in your language. altar boys and girls support the priest and the church service. Here in the rural bavarian backland this is where kids go. either altar boys/girls, (boy)scouts, etc)


Hmm yeah maybe you are right. Yeah I know alter boys/ girls. Good to see that some people are still wearing thongs.


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This topic brings up a good point - pics of whaletails all over the net, but the last time I witnessed one was probably late 90’s ....... fuck!!! That is a bit disappointing


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Back when I was younger they were everywhere. In school we would make notes of what thong what girl was wearing and all make a point to be on the lookout. There was even a secret school forum where people would post updates... haha

By the time I finished college, they became a rare sighting. I still see one occasionally, however it’s decinitely not common anymore. It’s disapointing...


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I agree they are a lot harder to find these days for sure, however for me it makes the sight of seeing one so much better and rewarding. I kinda prefer not seeing them all the time for this point alone. :)
At school I think thongs are very much alive, just very rare sightings. I mostly just see thong lines through yoga pants or leggings. I've also only seen 1 g-string ever, which makes me think they're going completely out of style because they rise and whaletail so easily, but I never see them. I go to a wealthier school, so VS and Calvin Klein waistband sightings are very common, but I usually can't confirm if they're thongs.


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yeah it is so sad that it is becoming so rare, fuck i really hate high rise pants hope that damned style fades soon