Sexy 26yr wife


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You are both very lucky people. You, because you have such a gorgeous wife who is comfortable with her body and exhibiting it. (I will assume all these pictures were posted with her okay.)
And she is so fortunate to have an understanding, open-minded husband who gives her this freedom to dress as she likes. Unlike some insecure, possessive ,controlling men who don't want their wives or girlfriends appearing in public showing what they regard as "too much."
Experts on the issue of domestic violence point out that one sign of a potentially abusive relationship is when a husband tries to control his wife's dress and appearance, often taking the form of obsessive insistence on modesty.
This is something we both like to do and I never tell her what to wear or how to dress. She enjoys showing off.


Your wife is amazing, showing off like that. My girl doesn't regularly show her thongs, but she has the occasional thong slip. Would love for her to be more like your wife


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Thanks for all the great shots! That thong that she flashes when she is showing a whaletail is super sexy. Would love to see any other slips you got and keep up the great work.


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just another day hanging out with my sexy wife. Keep the positive comments coming so she know you like and she will want to pose for more pictures.