Single or married? Wedding ring or no wedding ring?

Ring or no ring?

  • Single no ring

    Votes: 11 36.7%
  • Married with ring

    Votes: 19 63.3%

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A question that I ask myself when posting naughty pictures of my wife is.... When men are looking at sluty pictures do they prefer looking at single or married women and why? My second question is when looking at the pictures do men notice a wedding ring and is that a turn on?

I would appreciate anyone and everyone's opinion or thoughts.
I love watching a lover take off her ring. Like yes she's married but when we're fucking it's all for her. She wants my cum and cock and is willing to make herself s complete slut for it. Now if it's the three of us I love seeing that wedding pans knowing that I'm part of their Percy marriage. Seeing that look in her husbands eyes as she uses her left hand to suck and jerk me off into her mouth, and maybe covering that wedding ring in my cum.


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I think being married and still wanting to be sexy is a turn on.

I also find it a huge turn on when a married lady still wants to be seen as sexy to other men.