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Kiky lost her virginity when she was 13 to a guy 8 or 9 years older than her on a rapeish situation (they were dating with her parents consent) after their first time he fucked her consitently, almost daily after school for a couple of months until she found him fucking another girl and she dumped him.

From there on she decided to be an slut. She would fuck anyguy who gave her enough drinks and even gave blowjobs just for the fun of it or to pass the time (her own words). She always had an stable relationship with some guy (she never dumped a guy until she had secured a new one) but she cheated on all of then with multiple men. When she started senior year un highschool (16 years old) she got serious with a guy with whom she had been cheating on her previous lover for about 4 months.

The guy is a complete loser, he had droped out of college three times, in this moment he's 40 something years old, stil lives at her parents and haven't moved over kiky even though she dumped him for me 15 years ago. When Kiky finished highschool she moved from her little home town to the city where i lived, where we met. They started a long distance relationship wich made easier for her to cheat on him since she was away from him and she lived alone.

After a month a highschool friend invited her to a party, the two girls arrived to a penthouse downtown and found other 2 girls and 4 guys. After some drinks a guy started hitting hard on kiky and they ended up fucking in the kitchen. After the guy finished he gave her 100 dollars and told her she could see if any other guy was interested on her, leave or hang around, she felt bad got dressed and left. The next morning she thought about it and felt better and went out to spend the money (around that time minimum wage in Colombia was less than 200 dolars so for a 17 year old girl from a little town it was a lot).

From there on she went with the same girl to a lot of parties almost every weekend for about a year always getting paid to have sex, she even got affiliated to a local madame for about two months until one night she got a job where she got gangbanged by three guys and it made her stop working as a call girl.

She told me she did that for about 8 or seven months. Almost always working for the same group of guys, about 6 or 8, that where members of a drug dealing gang that where friends with the girl that got her into it, some bussines men from the city, an important politician and some foreign guys. She thinks she fucked around 20 guys in those months including a 70 years old guy that alomost couldn't even get an erection. After that she kept whoring but without getting payed.

Many years latter whe we got divorced, at the same time she lost her job basically because the main reason why we got divorced was because I found her having unprotected sex with her boss at my apartment while she was 6 months pregnant, i took some pictures of they fucking and sent them to their office so his wife knew everything and made him get rid of kiky. Then it got fun because since she was pregnant it was clear the child might not be mine and actually she had no clue if the child was mine, from her boss or from another guy.

So the night i caught her cheating she got homeless (I dumped her out literally naked and trew away almost all her shit and clothes, except for her underwear i sold almost all of it and kept some) and the next morning she got dumped from her job. So she was homeless and unemployed and went back to live with her parents and after the child was born she couldn't find a job and one night at a party in her home town a guy offered her money for sex and she accepted.

She went back to the town where we met and worked as a prostitute for almost 6 months until she got arrested for working outside the tolerance area where prostitution is allowed and for indecent exposure. Basically she got caught on the streets by the police naked and sucking a dick under the influence of drugs and alcohol

She's got a record as a sexworker outside allowed districts, indecent exposure, as a sex offender, and as a drug addict. She spent 2 weeks in jail and almost two years at psychiatric facilities recovering from drugs and alcohol and mental ilness. She takes about three different pills daily to keep her almost sane.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Finally I found a moment tocask kiky about the pic i found on her cellphone of a girls ass with the skirt lifted and a pink thong. I think i have told you about a very hot girl that works with kiky. Young fit and beautiful. The only thing wrong about her is that she doesn't wears thongs.

She and kiky have been going together to a gym that's located at the building where they work. Since they shower there before going to work, they have seen each other naked almost daily for the last couple of months. One day the girl saw kiky putting on her thong and asked her how could she wear thongs daily, kiky told her she always liked it and that she has wore them since very young age.

Kiky told her she had noticed she never wears a thong and the girl told her she didn't owned one single thong. The girl said she once bought one and wore it once but felt too unconfortable and slutty and never wore it again. As a matter of fact she trew it away.

They talked about it a couple of times again and finally the girl confessed to kiky that what mostly made her feel unconfortable about thongs was that she felt very slutty wearing it because her parents were extremely conservative and always told her only whores wore that kind on underwear.

The girl started becoming really close to kiky and kiku told me that she complimented many of kikys thongs and also the way kikys ass and pussy looked inside her thongs. About two months ago on the girls birthhday kiky gave her a thong as a present. A vs lace thong. Kiky told me it was very funny because they were at a restaurant with the other secretaries from the same floor (about 8 women in total) and when Diane (kikys friend) opened the present and pulled the thong out she got extremely embarrassed and blushed and kiky told the other girls that Diane doesn't had thongs so they all made fun of her and she got more embarrassed.

Finally about two weeks latter kiky noticed something that resembled a vtl on Di's skirt (kiky calls her Di) and asked her if she was wearing it (that particular day they didn't went to the gym in the morning because their bosses had an early meeting) and Di told her she was wearing it. Kiky grabbed her amd took her to the barhroom and made her show her. Di lifted her skirt and kiky saw the thong inside Di's ass, kiky told her shenlooked super hot and took the pic. Di said it wasn't that unconfortable and that she was feeling a little horny. Kiky made fun of her and told her she might finally find a guy and stop being single


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
this weekend I'm going to a beach resort with Lexy. For both work and pleasure. Kiky asked if we were sharing a room and i said no (obviously we are) and asked if i was gonna fuck some one and i said yes.

Kiky asked if she could fuck around on the weekend i told her: sure go ahead but if you do, it is over, but if you keep your legs and mouth closed i will let tou spend a week at my place. She got very happy so she got naked and sucked my dick i finished inside her mouth and she swallowed all the cum the she cleaned the pussy juices from the floor with her tongue and left.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Boyshorts, chekies and grannypanties. She stil wears mostly that kind. For what Kiky told me Diane stil has only one thong the one kiky gave her


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
I also love chekies specially on a perky round ass like Diane's. Kiky is been asking her to go lingerie shoping but she always give her lame excuses and bails out. She is somewhere between 26 or 28.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
As i told you this past weekend i went to a beach resort with Lexy. When i picked her up at her place she was a little nervous but latter she got relaxed and it was all cool. We arrived on friday night, we went to our room, she changed into a nice short white dress with nothing under except for a little g string and we went to have dinner with the manager of the hotel. It was all bussines and Lexy flirting with the guy. He finally agreed to all our terms so we closed the deal and then we went formsome drinks. The manager had a few shots with us but then hisnwife showed up, she gave lexy a few badlooks and asked her husband to leave with her.

We laughed about it and kept drinking. Then lexy wanted to dance so we did. She was clearly drunk because i've never seen her dancing so dirty getting really low, twerking and flashing her ass and thong. We went to the beach and she took of her dress and went into the water wearing onlymher thong. I followed her and we kissed and i fingered her pussy and ass and then we went to our room.

We fucked in the balcony of our suit. At the end she was bending over the balcony and i was fucking her ass from behind and fingering her clit, she cummed screaming and i filled her ass with my cum. I never pulled her thong down so after i pulled out the thong got covered in hot cum that dripped from her ass.

I had an early apointment with the kitchen staff so i left while she was stil sleeping (wearing only a clean g string she got on after sex) imtalked to the executive chef and all the sous about all,the changes in menu and other boring work stuff and then got a call from lexy asking me to have breakfast. I met with her at the restaurant, shenwas wearing a bikini top and some shorts that didn't coverd all her ass. We kissed and went to eat. While having breakfast kiky called me and told me she had spent the night alone at her apartment. I knew it was true because the guy at the reception of the building had given me a full report an hour before.

She asked if i had fucked some one and intold her yes. She asked about her sister and i told her we were having breakfast she asked me if she had any luck the night before and i told her i didn't knew. kiky asked if it was ok if she and Diane had a few drinks that night (saturday) and i told her to do it at her place not at a bar because i know that if a hot girl like diane and an slut like kiky go together to a bar will end up fucking random guys, specially kiky. Kiky got frustrated but she knew i will never trust her so she agreed.

Afternbreakfast lexy asked if i wanted my morning blowjob butni told her i wanted to save the load to dump it on her face later that night. She smiled and i took her to a meeting with the service staff. She was gonna talk to the girls on some of her tactics to handle guys. It was almost just work until almost night time. I,called lexy and she told me she was at the beach. When i got there i saw 5 guys sitting next to a topless girl hitting hard on her. I knew it was her. So i got close and said hi honey and kissed her grabbing her boobs. Three of the guys got up immediately and left barely saying goodbye. Thenother two tried to have some smalltalk but were clearly also unconfortable and left quickly, we laughed while she thanked them for the drinks and other stuff they had given her while she was tanning there alone.

We went to our room and she got naked and sat on a chair outside in the balcony, i sat on the floor infront of her and licked her pussy and fingered her ass. She cummed twice and then asked for dick. I saw the time and told her it had to wait because we had the last meeting of the trip. We washed ourselves and got ready. We had to get realy dressed up because the meeting was with the owner of the hotel at the best restaurant. I couldn't see her getting ready because i git a call from another client. When it finished she was ready wearing a great red dress. Black stockings and black highnheels.

I had my nice suit on and we left. Dinner went right the owner and his wife were very pleased with what we proposed to help the hotel. And the manager and his wife were also there so the six of us had a nice dinner, talked bussines and then each couple went away. We got to our room and lexy got her dress off, she was wearing a lovely lingerie set, black seethrough bra, nice garther belt, sexy black lace thong, stockings and heels all matching. The sex was awesome, it started with a nice lapdance, an intence blowjob and boobfuck, lots of pussy fucking, a nice buttplug inside her ass (she wore it at dinner without telling me when she got her dress off and showed me she got it inside her ass all the time i had a huge bonner and her thong was completely wet).

She didn't even took her shoes off so after her fourth orgasm when she got on her knees to get her facial she looked so sexy with her matching lingerie set and her heels. She grabbed my dick and stroked it hard while sucking the tip. The first squirt she got it in her mouth and then pulled my cock out and covered her face with the remaining cum. She smiled at me, swallowed and then said: i love your cum while she cleaned her face and ate the cum from her fingertips. She got up and got naked wentnto the bathroom cleaned herself and came to bed next to me. She layed by my side with her ass aginst my cock i grabbed her wet pussy and we slept.

The next morning we went out to have breakfast by the pool and then i took her to a little hidden beach that not many people knows. It has a nice reef so we did some snorkeling and then she tanned naked she got realy relaxed and decided to masturbate laying there on the beach. I enjoyed the show she came realy hard. I got a call from kiky so lexy decided to finger herself again while i talked to her sister. Kiky gave me her report and told me she had spent the night talking and drinking with diane and told me she spent the night there. I knew it was all true again because i had talked to the recption guy earlier. She asked if she could use a credit card i gave her to go have lunch with diane and shoping, i told her i would pay for their food but that she had to pay all the charges they made shoping. She agreed. Again kiky asked if i had sex with some one the night before and i told her yes and also told her i was at a nudist beach with a hot girl. Shemtold me to enjoy it and said bye.

When the call finished lexy was cumming again, she passed out a little so i let her sleep on the sand naked. I went to swim while she rested. When i got back she had her thong back on and was applying tanning lotion on her boobs. She told me she had always dreamed about masturbating on a desolated beach and thanked me for the chance and for not interrupting her.

We went back to the hotel and got dressed I took her to dine at a nice restaurant downtown and then we went to the hotels beach we walked for a while and then she said we had to talk. She told me that there was a reason why she stoped fucking our clients, she had been in a relationship with a guy since past november. She had kept it secret but she said it was getting serious, that it was secret because he's recently divorced and because she wasn't ready to tell me that butnthat they had talked about itmand decided to finally make itmpublic, shenalso told me that since she met him she had only cheated on him with me.

I was shocked but not because ofmher in a relationship but because she thought she had to keep it secret from me i told her i was realy happy for her, after all she is one of my few closest friends and that i had always knew that eventually shenwas gonna have to get into a better relationship than just fuckbudies with me she got happy that i took it so well so she told me more abouthim, like we were just friends, we even talked about theirnsex life, shentold me he is very big but not that experienced and told me that if she goes 100% on him he doesn't lasts very long.

She told me that she wants to continue fucking with me but not that often and she told me she's not gonna be available that much, that she's not gonna travel with me again, and also that we have to look for a replacement for her at work because she wants to train that replacement and quit in the next few months. I agreed to all because it was all obvious and asked her what he knew about me, she said he thinks she's 100% faitful to him and that I'm only her boss and her sisters ex husband.

We went back to the hotel and into the room. Imturned the tv on and she wen to thenbathroom. She came out naked and layed next to me. After a while she got my cock out and played with it, then she started to suck it and got her pussy on my face. She was dripping wet. I licked her pussy and ass and then she got on top of me and got my dick inside her. We had great sex again. I finished innher boobs and she went to the balcony to talk withnher boyfriend (naked and with my cum on her boobs).

Kiky called and told me diane had just left, she asked if i was alone and i told her there was a naked girl onnthenbalcony of my room, kiky asked if itmwas ok if she masturbated and i told her to do itmbut fingers only no toys. Lexy came back smiling and i let her know i was talking to her sister so she started sucking my dick making a lot lf noise, kiky asked what was happening and i told her i was gettong a blowjob. Kiky dirty talked to me and masturbated while lexy sucked my dick. Later lexy got on top of me and i told kiky i was gonna suck some tits so i finished the call.

I cummed inside lexys pussy and we slept. We had a very early flight this morning. Lexy's boyfriend was waiting formher at the airport. She introduced us, they left to lexy's place and i came straight to thenoffice.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Finally I’ve been able to log back into this damned forum. Lot had happened, it turned out Diane is bisexual and had always bern interested in kiku, they started a relationship and are living Together. Kiky is also in a sub/DOM relationship with me and we are shring Di. I spend two or three nights at their place and dispose of them as i desire.

Lexy resigned to my company but trained a replacement before. She’s a very nice lloking lady almlst my age, great body, big boobs, always dresses sexy and incredible skillfull on managing sales and men, rvery now and then we go out and have sex but is not that much whne i want but when she does.

Judy visits me about once a month and we sext very often, she also still fucks Xime but I haf to grt away from ber because she tried to destroy my relationship with Kiky and I cannot allow it since kiky had become the perfect devoted and 110% compromised sex slave, she does all i want, lets me fuck all the women i wnat, she even finds ladies for me to lay with, she had a girlfriend that shares with me and only fuck the men i told her to when i want to please my friends or need her to help me convince new clients and stuff.

Last weekend kiky, di and I went to a costume party. Both got dressed up as sexy/slutty secretaries. In the middle of the party I saw an old childhood friend who was with his wife we partied and drank together and he got too flirty with kiky. At a moment his wife went to the bathroom and he asked kiky to dance, while they were dancing he was lost on kiky’s cleavage, she had a white buttons blouse unbuttoned until the bottom of her pushup bra and her 34D looked like a 36DD he was unbottoning kiky’s next button when his wife came back I didn’t saw anything cuz i was fingering Di at our table, all i know is that his wife came to the table picked her bag and coat and left. Later came kiky with him, he had kiky’s bra as a necklace and she had her blouse completely unbuttoned and tied by a low knot.

Kiky sat on my lap and told me his wife caught them “playing” she said she was flirting hard on him as i instructed her and that his wife just said “nice” to him when she saw them and that he acted like nothing had happened. I invited him to the girls place and he said “sure, i dont think im gonna be welcome at my place tonight” we got an uber, i sat in front and he sat back with kiky and Di. When we got to the girls apartment I offered him a drink and told the girls to get comfortable so while I poured two drinks each girl got the other fully naked infront of him while dancing. When i got to the living room he was overwhelmed ingave him the drink and he drank it all at one sip.

The girls sat on his lap, one on each leg ans i asked him to choose one, he touched all their bodies, and finally started fingering Di, he told her she was beautiful and very young and that he would generally prefer that but said that his wife had smaller tits than her and very ugly tits also and that he had been craving kiky’s huge tits all night so he had to pick her, Di smiled and got off him and walked to me and told him to enjoy those great boobs kiky also got up, i slapped her ass and told her to be a good girl and whispered in her ear “anal only if he insists too much”

Kiky got on her knees infront of him and started to unbutton his pants, Di grabed me and we went to her former room, since know they share the same room, we closed the door and fucked nicely. Next morning i heard him in the kitchen and i got up, he was making coffee so we both drank and talked, he told me he had the best sex he had had in years, and asked where inhad found such a great pair of bitches. I laughed and told her I used to be married to the one he fucked he first laughed and then got serious, I showed him a pic of our wedding and he freaked, then i gave him a quick resume of all that had happened and i told her we were still together but in an open relationship. Then he asked about Di and I told him sh was Kiky’s assistant at work and also her girlfriend, he congratulated me and thanked me for a great night. He said he tought they were prostitutes and I told him Kiky had worked as a high class call girl in the past.

The girls came out naked and kissed infront of us then kiky told Di she smelled like sex and suggested they took a shower together the ladies went into the master bedroom’s bath and i noticed him staring, so i told him what are you waiting go with them he drank all his coffee and left. Later he came out said good bye, thanked again and left to his home. We got dressed and went out to have brunch.

While eating kiky told us that she started him with a blowjob at the couch, Di asked and she said it was a nice size kiky said she noticed he was getting too close to fast so she stopped and invited him to the room. He layed on his back and asked her to ride him at first he just starwd at her bouncing boobs until he grabbed his hands and put them over her tits he grabbed them and oinched them and then sucked on them be was totally lost on her boobs barely even fucking her pussy. He told her he had never had such great tits and said he would love to put his dick between them, she asked him if he liked fucking boobs and he said he had never done it she got on her knees on the floor and wrapped his dick on her boobs, he exploded after a few strokes. She went to wash and when she came back he has passed out. She lay next to him and he only moved to put his head over one of her boobs and grabbed firmly the other.

Next morning he woke her licking her pussy when she woke she told hom she expected him to really take care of her this time and he just kept licking and sucking, when she was really wet and horny he went insid her and pounded her to orgasm. As soon as she started cumming he pulled out and exploded on her tits. She asked him to take a selfie together and she took it with her phone then he asked to do the same with his phone and they did and then he took some pics of her boobs. Out of nowhere he started ranting about how boring and ugly his wife is and that they haven’t had sex in months and that she is a lame fuck and that he really wanted to divorce


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Last friday would had been kiky’s and I anniversary. She kept insisting we should had done something special to commemorate the day and I kept saying no, basically because i will always regret marring her. She got me annoyed so i decided to punish her instead.

I told her i had decided to commemorate the day so that she should get ready and come to my place at night. When she arrived two women wearing masks hold her and tied her to a chair. Then they dragged her to the master bedroom where I was waiting for her. She knew she was about tho get punished so she just sat there with our making a sound. Her silence let me know she had agreed to take what was coming. I asked if she reminded her safe word and she said it to confirm.

I proceded to unmask the first of the women, it was Judy, the milf that used to be our neighbor and that was a really close friend of kiky. She is about ten years older than kiky and is a million times hotter than her, Judy said to Kiky that she had been my lover for longer than she would ever imagine. Then I removed her drees to reveal to kiky she was wearing the lingerie kiky wore under her wedding dress and at our wedding night. A tear dripped from her eyes but she didn’t said a word.

The little white lacey q string was completely lost between Judy’s ass and barely covered her big fat perfectly waxed pussy. The corset fitted her waist perfectly and was completely unable to hold her boobs since she is almost two cups bigger than kiky so her nipples were completely exposed.

Then I unmasked the second lady. It was Xime my ex girlfriend. She came closer to kiky and asked her if she knew who she was. Kiky’s face turn d from sadness to a little anger I told her to answer and she said yes, so Xime asked: Who am I? And kiky said you’re his ex. And she said yes, I was his girlfriend when you opened your legs to him for the first time and he cheated on my with you, and then he changed me for you.

Xime came to me and kissed me and i took off the robe she was wearing. Under it she had the clothes Kiky was wearing the night I found her cheating on me with her boss at out house. The thong fitted Xime’s ass perfectly, the garter belt and stockings were the perfect accesory to her long strong legs. The white shirt was unbuttoned to give a nice look on her thight abs and perky breasts.

The two women came close to me and took off all my clothes and from there on I completely ignored Kiky and focused on Judy and Xime, they almost did the same exceptly to tease, humiliate or mock kiky from time to time. In a few occasions both of them rubbed their pussies on kiky to filth her clothes with their juices.

At the end both knelt infront of me really close to kiky and I finished on their faces. Both women got naked and cleaned their faces with the lingerie that used to belong to Kiky. Then she asked if she could leave but I told her she must stay to receive further punishment and to serve for us in the morning. We untied her and she layed on a couch that I have near my bed. The three of us slept on the bed and a few hours later we fucked again and kiky watched from the couch.

That time i finished on Judy’s huge boobs and Xime cleaned them with her mouth and then they made Kiky clean their pussies with her own clothes again. The three of us took a quick shower and went back to sleep.

In the morning Xime woke Kiky and ordered her to make us breakfasts, while we ate Judy told kiky to pick the lingerie they wore and made her wash it all by hand. When she finished Judy got close to her and asked if she was ok, kiky said she knew Judy was a superior woman in looks, brains and sexual skills and that I deserved a lover like that and that she also understood Xime was there as a punishment for her cheating on me and for getting annoying with the anniverary bs. She admited she had fully accepted her cuckquean and sub place under me and that she was happy with it.

I told kiky that she was allowed to leave and that Diane was waiting for her at their place. Kiky went to the bathroom and when she came out of it the two women were on their knees sucking my dick. Judy got up and offered to walk her to the door. Kiky said by from the bedroom door and I told her: little slut thats not the proper way to say bye to your superiors. She came close and kissed me while xime kept sucking then kiky said good bye madame to Xime and she got up from her knees and sat on my dick making sure kiky saw every inch of me getting inside her and said see you later bitch and started to bounce hard on me.

I heard Judy telling kiky by the door that they should have lunch together before she left town and Kiky agreed. Then judy asked kiky to leave and told her she was really eager to get my dick inside.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Last week I went to have lunch with kiky and diane, they both were wearing their work clothes, skirts and blouses, in the middle of the conversation I asked what they had under their clothes, both described their underwear and then both unbuttoned their blouses to flash their bras, the best one was Kiku’s because she had a see through bralette so i saw her nipples and a couple on hickeys i did on her tits previously.

Then I asked to see their bottoms and they said it was impossible since the place was full so i asked them to take them off and put them over the table. Diane did it easily, she just pulled them off and placed them over the table it was a lovely VS cotton g-string but for kiky it wasn’t so easy because she was wearing stockings under her skirt so she had to take her shoes off, then the pantyhose and then her thong.

It was impossible for her to get the pantyhose back on so she just left them on the floor under the table. Before we left intold them to get theit thongs back on but made them switch, kiky got diane’s g string and diane kiky’s thong it was a very fun lunch


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Went to a pub with the girls last saturday, after two or three drinks Kiky got up and said she was going to the barhroom Diane offered to go with her and Kily told her to stay with me.

A long time passed until kiky got back, she said the bath was full and that she had to wait for a while.

Later that night we went to their place. First both girls sucked my dick, then diane kept sucking and kiky got under her and played with Diane’s pussy. Then Diane said lets change places so kiky got on her knees and got my dick in her mouth and Diane got under Kiky.

Immediately after kiky sat on Diane’s face Diane pushed her away and said WTF. Kiky landed on the floor on her ass with her legs opened, her skirt was lifted so I saw it too. Her white thong was smeared with red lipstick. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her thong off and Diane and I saw there was also lipstick smeared in her inner thighs and pussy.

Diane sat next to me and kiky covered her pussy with both hands and closed her legs. Diane was furious and only said EXPLAIN. Kiky said that as soon as we arrived to the place she noticed a young skinny girl staring at her, after a while the girl started to dance sexy looking at kiky and then the girl went alone to the bathroom and winked at Kiky so she followed her.

Once kiky got in the girl started complementing kiky, kiky got closer and the girl kissed her and grabbed kiky’s tits and pulled both out of her dress kiky got inside a stool and the girl followed her and kiky locked the door behind her.

Diane stoped kiky’s story and said: so you fucked her, and kiky said well she played a lot with my boobs and went down on me for a while and I finger fucked her but the bathroom got too crowded and she was very noisy so neither she or I finished.

Kiky continued, she asked me for a nude selfie so we took a few with her phone together and then i wrote my number on her ass and left.

Diane was very pissed so she slapped kikys face and called her a fucking whore and got up and walked to their room. By the door Diane said, you’re not sleeping with me tonight and asked me to get inside the room. I got inside and diane slamed the door behind me. Diane said fucking slut i hate her sometimes and got on her knees once she got me really hard she got on her fours and asked mento fuck her ass. I started with my mouth, then fingers and finally went balls deep inside her little ass.

She was noisier than ever, moaning, screaming, cursing and begging harder. She wanted kiky to hear everything. After her second orgasm she asked me to cum on her face, she got back on her knees and sucked until i pulled out of her mouth and covered her face.

Later I got dressed and went out the room. Kiky was sitting in the floor right next to their room. I looked down at her and Diane came by naked with cum dripping from her face to her chest. Kiky offered to clean her and Diane just shut the door and locked it from the inside.

Kiky then asked me if i wanted more ass but i just left the apartment and went home


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
The holidays were quite crazy. Some days before Christmas the girls and I were watching a movie, aftet a two heads blowjob they asked me what I wanted for present, I told them I didn’t wanted anything sexual (basically because I can get anything from them at any moment) and then I asked what they wanted.

Kiky smiled and said she did wanted something sexual, Diane asked what? and I just stared at Kiky silently. Kiky got blushed and said she wanted permission to get gangbanged at Christmas-eve. I kinda saw it coming because she had been talking a lot abou group sex and stuff like that. Diane said nothing about it and I said we could discuss it further later.

Then Kiky asked Diane what she wanted. Diane blushed and said she NEEDED something a little more personal. Diane comes from a very small town were most of the population are farmers. She believes her family will never accept her lesbian/bisexual lifestyle and told us they always bother her at the holidays because she had never brought a man to her parents house. Then she lowered her head and blushed extremely. I hugged her and asked what she needed, she asked almost as a whisper if I could spent the holidays at her parent’s with her as her boyfriend. I obviously agreed, a tear ran down her cheek and she smiled and hugged me. I told her I was gonna make her misbehave and she smiled and said she wouldn’t expected anything different.

I will tell you about our holidays together later, today I’m gonna write about Kiky’s Christmas. That night at dinner we defined the specifications for her gangbang. She said she had been asking at our swingers club about it and told us she already had found about 5 or else men interested on it, so the first condition was that all the men were members of the club since it is very strict on the memberships and keeps a periodic control of STD’s and etc.

She got allowed to take all the dicks she wanted at all her holes but only for that night and after it she must not get any dick for one entire month including mine. She thought it was as a DOM/sub punishment and it was half true but I also knew she would break the rules and get other men involved and I plan in making her get tested for any STD before touching her again. The only condition that Diane put and actually the only thing she said was that it must not be done at their apartment.

The 22th of december I took them both to a fine restaurant, and after dinner we went to a hotel’s suite and fucked all night. Next morning Diane and I took a flight to her home town.

At Christmas-eve around 8 pm Kiky texted us a Selfie from a bathroom, she was completely naked with a red silk ribbon tied to her neck. Half hour later she sent a pic of her kneeling on the floor surrounded by 7 men.

Next morning I found a few more pics she had sent, A few of her fucking different dicks in all her holes and almost at 5 am one of her completely covered in cum, scratches, hickeys and other marks. She was kneeling on the floor with her make up smeared al over her face and the word PUTA written all over her body and face surrounded by seven men.

I got back home yesterday, Diane will not come back until February, and immediately i called Kiky and instructed her to go to my place to talk. As soon as she arrived she took off her coat, she was naked Inasked her to turn around and i could se she still had some markings on her body, then i remembered her she was under punishment and asked her to sit at the floor where she belonged.

Before she said anything i told her i knew her well enough to know she broke all the rules and asked her to come clean. She tried to cover her body with her coat but i took if off and trew it away. She started by saying she didn’t fucked 7 guys but 12, then she said 7 were from the swingers club, 3 random guys from tinder and 2 guys from her past.

She said that almost at 5 am she asked all the guys to finish on her and then almost all of them cleaned them selves and left. But the two guys from her past and one of the guys from tinder stayed. Ininterrupted her and asked if she had been with them after passed new years eve and she said that with one of them and then inasked her to leave.

I will not see her until she takes STD’s tests


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Everything has gone to hell past days, Kiky got a positive test for HIV. Drs believe she already has AIDS and possibly another STD. Diane and I gave negative results but have to re take the test several times diring the next 6 monts to be sure and try to not have any sexual encounters with others.

We both dumped kiky fo good and now Diane lives with me.


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Yeah but the chance for my life to also get fucked up is still there, the last time I had sex with her was about a month ago so...


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Ok so far me and Diane had taken 3 different test in different times and all had came out negative we have to take one more at the end of this month to be 100% sure we are safe.

Kiky has been diagnosed as both HIV and AIDS possitive she lives alone now and her health is stable for now