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I've been texting Gaby a lot (my friends wife), we are teasing each other a lot and we can't wait unitl her husband leaves town tomorrow. I already managed to send Annie away for 7 days (just called a client who's back I have covered many times from his wife), she leaves the day after Gaby's husband so this weekend I'm gonna take Gaby to my summer house. I already explained her the rules there and she loved them. She told me she had always dreamed of doing a road trip topless and the idea of spending 4 days (from friday til monday) wearing only thongs, sexy lingerie, seethrough clothes, thong bikinis and just naked turns her on a lot.

saddly as part of her strategies to keep her "perfect devoted wife" image she doesn't send nudes to anyone but her husband, but we have being doing a lot of dirty texting since last week. She doesn't send nudes bit is very good at describing how get she gets and how she masturbates, and even better at describing what she want to do with me. she also had given me a few spoilers about what she plans to pack for our long weekend. she also told me that after their second baby she got fixed so she can´t have any kids, she also told me she got her pussy done for it to be tighter, that she bleaches and fully waxes it and that she does kegel excercises daily. SO I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY DICK INSIDE HER AND FILL EVERY HOLE AND COVER EVERY INCH OF HER WITH MY CUM.


Damn that sounds hot! What I wouldn;t give to be in your shoes right now! Such a shame she doesn't send nudes or thong pics, perhaps find somewhere convenient at you beachouse to have your phone or another camera recording some action on the sly per chance?


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Last night I was helping Annie pack her bags, first she packed her regular work clothes for a week at a beach resort, average underwear, thongs and bras, and some cheeky panties and loose tops to sleep at night, then she picked two or three bikinis and I noticed she did not choose a single thong bikini so I told her WTF you got to pack thong bikinis I want some sexy thong tan lines when you get back so she pulled the bikinis out of her bag and packed 3 thong bikinis, I grabbed the regular ones and threw them into the trash.

then she came out of the walking closeth with some night tight pants and a couple of blouses with great deep cleavages, she left them over the bag and wentt back and then came with three sexy tight short dresses, I noticed one in particular and said: aint this the one you always end up flashing you ass and pussy, she just smiled at me, I love that dress, is a black one that is one size to small for her, her tits get very tight on it, getting a little seethrough and flashing her pierced nips and it always lifts by it self and flashes her ass and when she sits if she's not carefull it flashes her pierced clit. She saw me staring and said just in case I have to check how the night clubs are working or if I feel like having a drink or two.

Then she went into her drawers and came back with a some sexy lingerie sets. I watched her packing them and she noticed my surprise so she closed the last bag and sat on top of me. She removed her top revealing her huge breasts and choacked me between them when i really started to feel with ut air I bited one and she pulled away. she told me: You know I´m not stupid and I know you very well, you're sending me into this trip alone because you have some plans here, a one week trip to a beach resort and instead of going with me to enjoy my body on small clothes and bikinis you decide to stay in this freezing city... I just stared at her ...If you're gonna be doing some of your bitches why shouldn't I find one or two guys to have fun while I'm away, honestly I agreed to this because I was really needing some time away for myself and to enjoy a couple of different dicks than yours... I gave her a huge kiss and told her: that's why I love you, you're just perfect, I was planning on letting you know while it hapened but you know me too well. do you remeber Gaby? she nooded... well it turns out she cheats on her husband a lot and she offered herself to me last week and since his away of town since yesterday I decided to take her to my summer house this long weekend, so I asked Tony (my client) to ask for the visit so I had some free time from you, but i wanted you to have lots of fun too (i winked at her) there's barely any job to do there and you have all expences payed by the company and a very nice suit on the top of the highest tower with a view into the sea courtesy of Tony.

she asked: so you're not gonna ask me to leave from your apartment when I get back? and I said Why in the name of hell am I gonna ditch the perfect lover, and else I really want to enjoy your sun tanned tits when you get back. she smiled and got in her fours, pulled my dick out and sucked it. I gave her a very glorious pounding in her three holes and at the end she swallowed until the last drop.

while we fucked I got sure to mark her entire body, tits, ass and pussy mound with rough hickeys after sex she started to check the bruises on a huge mirror I have infront of the bed, she said asshole you make sure to leave no doubt I am owned by you right I just smiled and said so you never forget you're mine. we went to sleep after thtat. this morning when I woke she had my dick in her mouth I let her suck it for a while but then I stoped her she asked why and I told her I wanted to save my cum for Gaby. she smiled and asked if she could get morning head instead, I agreed so she layed on bed and spread her legs wide, I licked her good and fingered her ass, she came twice easily and the I stsrted to edge her when she was a bout to get the third one and then suddenly just got away from her pussy and pulled out her ass she stared at me and begged for her third one I slapped her pussy very hard and told her no, you will not get more from me until you get back.

I drove her to the airport a while ago, in the way there we agreed not to talk until she gets back unless it is work related or an emergency. when she was about to get off the car she pulled her thong off and tied it to the gear shift and asked me not to untie it, she said: I want to untie it when you pick me up next week here. we kissed, we both said I love you, she got off the car, I slapped her ass and she left.

I texted Gaby "she's gone" and she texted back "Can't wait for tomorrow"


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
I love Milfs, if you ever have a chance to fuck one or even better to have an affair with a Milf don't doubt it, it doesn't matter what you have to do or loose for it go for that pussy it's gonna be a life changing experience. Gaby is the perfect Milf in every way, even though she's three years younger than me (she's 32), she has been maried for over 12 years, flawless body, perfectly upgraded (boobs, ass, bely, face) beautyful face always perfect make up and hair done, always properly dressed but not afraid at all to show her huge tits with deep cleavages and to let every body now her ass is divine with her tight pants and skirts. not a sign of the two kids she gave birth to, not even her pussy, she got that fixed after the second one, to e honest she's got one of the tightest pussys i've had in a very long time.

at 9 am on friday I picked her up from the designated place she told me, about 15 mins away from her house to avoid any spying eye. when I arrived she barely greet me she was talking at her phone, she pointed towards two huge suitcases next to where she was sitting and got straight in the back seat. I put her lugage in the trunk and got in the drivers seat. as soon as i started the car she took of her coat under neat she had some sexy shorts and a bikini top that I'm sure was one or two sizes too small because it barely covered her huge nips, and then she pulled the top off, she was following the rules I gave her and it was perfect for me, a couple of blocks further I knew she was talking to her husband, lying abot she going to an spiritual retreat with her sister or something like that and she said she would not be allowed to use her phone until monday night when she left the place.

I kept driving and she remained by the phone, a couple of minutes later she started to dirty talk him and about 5 minutes later she ended the call and turned her phone off , the first thing she said was: "it is so easy to make him cum" and then she asked if I had a dildo at hand, I gave her the one I keep in the gloves compartment, she layed in the back seat and masturbated, she moaned hard and after a couple of minutes she cummed screaming, and then she fell sleep. I drove until it was lunch time. I stoped the car at my favorite road restaurant and woke her by caressing her huge nipples. she woke and asked if we had arrived, I told her i had stoped for lunch so she picked a little tank top from her purse (it also barely covered her tits) and we went for lunch. went we got back in the car she noticed annie's thong on the gear shift, she tried to untie it but I told her my girlfriend tied it there and asked me not to remove it. she laughed and said I should wear it instead I said I would love that but that i rather just leave it like that and we both droped the topic.

about three ours later we got to my summer house. she went inside and i unpacked the car, you will never see a woman like her carrying her stuff anywhere, they compensate for it with their body and skills. first I got my stuff to the master bedroom and then hers, when I was carrying her lugage I invited her to follow me and when she came from the pool she was following the code to the fullest, topless and wearing only a little see through blue g-string. I complimented her nipples, her perfectly waxed landing strip and her lovely clit, she smiled and followed me to the room.

aftr we unpacked, she layed naked by the bed and invited me next to her, we kissed, she rubbed my dick over my pants and i played with her clit and sucked her huge nips. she started to unbutton my pants while i fingered her ass and pussy but then I stoped her and told her we should go and fool around by the pool and tan and to save ou first full fuck for after dinner and some drinks. she got a very small thong bikini and grabbed some tanning lotion and we went to the pool. I smeared the lotion on her body spending a good amount of time in the fun parts, we had some cocktails, flirted, swam, kissed and touched a lot, eventually she got completely naked because i was rubbing her clit. It got close to dinner time so while I cooked she went to the bedroom the get cleaned and dressed.

an hour and a half later she came back looking ready to kill for. her hair perfectly done so i would not come to the frot no matter what she did or how she movd but still able to be grabbed and pulled from behind, perfect soft make up, black seethrough bralette, matching thong, grater belt, stockings and high heels. when i saw hee I knew I wasn't drees properly with my shorts and t shirt so i ran to get changed to some thing more proper, some pants and shirt and no shoes. we had a lovely dinner very flirty, I couldn't stop staring at her body, we played with the dessert and a ouple of fruits, then I brought out some lovely champagne, she invited me to the room but instead I took her to a lovely place I got done recently (I expectec to use it for the first time with Annie but...) surrounded by some trees, very close to the swimming pool I builded a little lovely roof put some nice furniture, a great sound system and some bonfires and torches (everything controled with a tablet).

I had moved a divan and an arm chair a little bit to the exterior under the clear sky and the stars. I turned off every light in the property and turned all the torches and bonfires on, put some soft music poured the champagne and sat at the arm chair. she was walking by the place looking every detail and staring at the stars, finally she layed at the divan infront of me I was just staring at her enjoying every inch of her flawless body, she smiled and asked what, I told her she looked perfect for a softcore porn photoset, she laughed and said if you prove to be as skilled as i spect and trustworty it could happen. she started to caress her body touching everywhere with her fingers from her mouth to her belly and then her hips and legs, then she went for her boobs and her nips and finally got to her pussy, she rubbed it for less than a second and then said, I'm already wet, this is a perfect place to make love. I finished my glass and while i poured both of us some more i told her I hope a great fucking is good enough she smiled and got closer but I went back to my chair and told her - dance for me, I want to see how you move it in those clothes - she changed music to something a little bit faster and a lot sexier. and danced for me extremely sexy, touching her body and pulling her clothes to the sides to reveal the good parts.

after the second song she came closer to me and asked me to pull it off. so i told her to get in her knees and to do it herself. she did immediately she grabbed it, then she stared at it, smelled it, licked it and proceeded to suck it she tried to pull her top off but i stoped her. the sex was unbeleivable, we understoofd each other perfectly she edgedme to the right point everytime and I gave her countless orgasms. finally after some great anal sex she cummed screaming, and felt to the floor. I stood up on top and after she caught her breathe she got on her knees and sucked my dick furiously, I didn't lasted even a minute before shoting a hug load in her mouth and then pulling out to cover from her hair to her boobs. when i finished she let the cum drain from her mouth to her tits and nipples. she asked me for help to get back into the divan so i gave her a hand. she finally got undressed and we went together to the room to sleep.

next morning she woke me with morning head, and right after swallowing to the last drop she said breakfast is almost ready and walked away, I noticed she had on a lovely g string bikini so i followed that glorious ass to the pool. after breakfast we walked by the property and i licked her pussy by some fruit trees. then we had a quick lunch and hanged by the pool, i finger fucked her pussy and ass at the pool and then we went to get dress to go to dinner at the near by town and some drinks at a bar. she wore a lovely white dress with sexy lingerie under and after a lot of rum we went back to the house. she changed to a different lingerie set and we fucked until sunrise at the bedroom, again i finished all over her face.

that sunday we sleept until way passed mid day. she failed at making lunch so we went back town for something to eat and went back to the house around 7 pm. in the night we hanged by the pool and had some great sex there. after her second or third orgasm she got off the pool and asked for a while to get ready for the last one. again she wore something amazing and fucked me very good. this time i finished inside her pussy while she screamed her fourth or fifth one. monday morning i found her masturbating in the balcony of the room watching the sunrise so i poured myself a coffee and went back into the room to enjoy the last 10 minutes of her solo play drinking it.

when she got up the chair she used i noticed she had a buttplug in she asked me to help her pull it off but i told her to wear it all day, she said that's gonna hurt in the morning but i'm gonna enjoy that so she left it on. we went to have breakfast and back into the pool, we had sex again and after lunch packed bags and start our trip back. she traveledcompletely naked, again right after we started traveling she masturbated and went to sleep. I stoped the car at an abandoned building i know, woke her up and asked her to walk with me, I took her to the top of the warehouse, got her naked and fucked her there. when we both finished i grabbed her clothes and ran to the car. After about ten minutes she finally arrived to the car also running, called me asshole and kissed me. when we got close to the city she started to get properly dressed, thong, bra, pants, blouse, jacket. fixed her hair and got her make up done. finally she pulled something from her purse and tied it to the rear-view mirror the thong she wore the first night, still dirty from the pussy juices from that night and some cum drips that spilled into it. she dared me to keep it there until i picked my girlfriend next day and i told her I was gonna make her wear it. when we got to the place where I picked her up on friday she opened one of her bags and gave me the rest of the attire she wore in our first fuck including her shoes, both the bralette and garter belt had cum stains, the stockings were very torned apart and the shoes were peeled for all the time she spent in her knees and in her fours an the stone floor. she dared me to dress annie like her and I told her i wasn't even gonna wash it before.

I got into the car and drove away. that night I got a text from her saying you're very skilled and i'm sure you are trustworty we have to make that photose happen... and then a pic of her topless in her bed smiling and one of her pussy from behind.


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two days later Annie arrived and I went to pick her up at the airport, as soon as she got into the car she checked the gear shift for her thong and smiled when she saw it but then she saw Gaby's at the review mirror and grabbed it. she started to look at it closely and smelled it, then she said - it is used extremely used - and I told her it was the one Gaby used in our first night at the summer house and that she didn´t took it off until we finished fucking, she smiled when i told her Gaby tied it there herself and she complied when i commanded her to put it on immediately. It didn't surprised me to notice she had nothing under her skirt while she did.

when we got home I told Annie to go to our room and to change into the clothes that were on top of ur bed. 20 minutes later she came back with the full set on. I was amazed to see that Annie's tits are basicaly the exact same size than Gaby's but her nipples way smaller. Also felt very proud to see Annie's ass is way bigger and her pussy lips fatter. she was touching the dry cum stains on the bralette and asked why the stockings and heels were so fucked up, I told her Gaby had spent a lot of time on her knees wearing then on a rocky surface. Annie said she was already wet and asked if I had any intentions of fucking her soon. I made her model to me and took a couple of pics and sent them to Gaby then I instructed her to get on her fours and crawl towards me. She reached to my cock and I told her that depending how good she sucked I might or might not fuck her.

she went balls deep and used her entire blowjob repertoire. she sucked me better than must times, eventually i had to sit on a chair because it was so fucking intense and many times I had to interrupt her by slaping her face or making her stand or sit on my lap to enjoy her huge breasts just to cool of a little and avoid exploiding to soon. a couple of times she also stoped to show me how she played with my precum on her mouth. eventually she stood up and pulled the wet thong to a side and begged to get fucked, and I answered hwll no you're sucking to good. she called me asshole fixed her thong and went back on her knees. one or two minutes later I shoot my cum deep down her throat, she choaked on it so I pulled off and finished cumming on her face and tits, giving the lingerie a second cover up with my cum. I snaped a couple more pics of her now cum covered and also sent them to Gaby.

she got up to go to the bathroom and i stoped her and told her not to dare to get changed or cleaned. she noded in acceptnce like a good slave and i instructed her to crawl in her fours to our bedroom, I walked behind her and when we arrived i told her to sleep on her back so she would not stain the sheets with cum. next morning she woke me with morning head but I knew she was very frustrated about the previous night activities so i told her to get on her fours, I went behind her pulled the extremely filthy thong to a side and fucked her pussy hard. she came fast and layed on her back I lifted her legs on my shoulders and got my dick inside her ass. again it was very easy to make her cum and right after she stoped trembling I forced my dick inside her mouth even before she finished getting her breathe back and right from her tight little asshole. I face fucked her until finally I finished deep inside her mouth. she tried to pull my dick off and I slaped her face hard and told her not to dare to spill one drop of my cum. when I finished cumming she sucked it clean and swallowed everything. Annie said no one fucks me like you and went to the bathroom. later she came back recently showered and went to wash Gaby's lingerie and said I guess you want this on your collection, I told her yes keep the bralette, thong and garter belt, throw away the stockings and you decide what to do with the shoes.

Later Gaby texted, she's very hot, you're a lucky guy and I replied I know, that's why I let her live with me.


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two quick stories...

Last week Annie and I went to a beach resort for work/pleasure just for two nights, in the last day we finally got some time off so we decided to hit the private beach before leaving town. As soon as she got in her thong bikini I got horny so I asked for a blowjob, and by asked I mean I shoved her to the bed and forced my dick inside her mouth, she sucked gloriously as always and at the end I cummed a little inside her mouth and a lot on her tits, she got mad because her top got very stained with my cum and she only had that one to wear so i told her to leave it like that so she went to the beach with me with her cum stained top, she always tans toples when possible so she barely wore her cummed top at the beach so I decided we shoud have lunch at the resorts pool restaurant so she wore her cummy top at lunch, there were at least 100 people at the dinner and we had three different waiters serving our food so lots of people saw her stained top

after that we barely saw each other at night at our place and were always so exhausted that we didn't had sex for many days. this morning I got earlier to go to the office so by the time I was leavng she was still sleeping. before lunch she came to my office to ask me to sign some papers. she needed some documents so she got to my desk and started looking for them in the lower drawer, her skirt lifted and falshed me her little thong since so many days had pased with out fucking I got hard really quick so I got behind her, pushed her to my desk, barely pulled her thong to a side and went balls deep into her pussy. betwen her moans she said we couldn't do it because the client was waiting for her outside my office with his driver to go with her to check some new facilities his building but I didn't stopped and she started to ask me to fuck her harder. we both finished hard and fast and i creampied her pussy. I pulled out and fixed my clothes, she got pissed because she didn't had time to clean herself or change her thong so i told her i liked the idea of her having to work all afternoon with a cum filled pussy and a sticky thong. later she texted me that there was so much cum that it dripped from her pussy to her thong and that it then went down her legs while she was walking with the client. she just arrived home, i pulled her thong down while we kissed, it is really filty all cum stained and i also noticed her skirt is awfully stained also with cum. she said she hated me but loved speding all day with her cummy pussy, she said she wanted to wash her pussy and ass and that later she spects to get properly fucked


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
Last sunday I had to work so Annie invited her best friend over to our place to make her company while I was away, when I arrived around 9 pm they were cuddling at our bed watching a movie so I grabbed a blanket to cover us and layed next to Annie to watch the movie with them. Taking advantage of the cover provided by the blanket I immediately started to fondle Annie.

As soon as I did I noticed she had nothing under her blouse and shorts so I started to play with her pierced nips and she started to press her ass into my dick. Some time later I asked Annie to get me a beer so she went to the kitchen. As soon as she left the room I got closer to her friend and we kissed (ever since that party at her house when we had sex we’ve been fucking everytime we can behind Annie’s back).

When Annie got back I was in the middle of the bed so she layed at my left side and her friend was on my right side. After we finished our beers the three of us layed back and got completely covered with the blanket. I got my left hand inside Annies shorts and started to gently rub her pussy, she opened her legs and closed her eyes. Then I remembered the first time I had one pussy on each hand (long time ago also watching a movie but with Kiky and her sister Lexy). I slightly turned my head right and winked at Annie’s friend and moved my right hand to touch her between her legs. She smiled and also spread her legs so I started to rub her pussy too.

By the time the movie finished they were both extremely wet and I was hard as fuck specially because both had rubbed my dick in different occasions Annie turned the tv off and asked her friend if she needed to call for an Uber, but she asked if she could spend the night. Annie said sure go to the guests room because his been playing with me since he arrived and I can’t wait to get fucked.

Annie’s friend got off the bed and left and Annie went straight into sucking my dick. We had some awesome sex I finished in Annie’s face and we went to sleep. Early morning Annie’s friend came by our room to say bye, we were both naked and Annie had dry cum on her face But still she accompanied her friend to the door. As soon as she left Annie ran to take a bath and get dressed since she had a breakfast with a client.

Not two minutes after Annie left, the door bell rang, I tought Annie had forgotten something but it was her friend, she never left, she knew Annie had an appointment early so instead of leaving she just waited by the stairs and as soon as she saw Annie getting inside the elevator she went back into my place. While I licked her pussy and fingered her ass she told me she masturbated all night hearing me and Annie fuck and that when she saw the cum stains on Annie’s face she decided not to leave until she had her face covered too.

We had a very wild fucking session and as she requested I finished in her face, she got quickly dressed and left.


Boob Lover-Thong Snatcher
For christmas Annie and I planned to hit 3 parties, first we were gonna have dinner at an uncles house (my father's christmas wish to have all the family...) then we planned to go to a clients party at his restaurant (mainly for work) and finally we were gonna hit a sexy party at a friends house (lots of alcohol, sexy clothes, sexy games, a couple of sexy shows...).

I decided to left the house to be able to properly missbehave. around 9 pm we left home in an Uber, just out of nowhere she lifted her dress to reveal she had on a little black lace lingerie set I had recently bought for her so I moved closer to her, got my hand betwen her thighs and rubbed her all the way to my uncle's. In the dinner party she teased me a lot and everytime I had a chance I got my hand under her dress, in the middle of the dinner she got up and went to the bathroom, in no time she came back, sat back next to me and handed me a wet piece of fabric under the tabl cloth, I felt the lace and knew it was her thong, I got my hand betwen her legs and felt her moist thighs and touched her pussy, it was extremely wet and warm, I cleaned the moist form my hand on her dress and texted her FOLLOW ME.

I went to a cousins room where all the coats and purses were kept and waited, as soon as she went in and closed the door behind her I pushed her to the bed and got my face deep betwen her legs until she had a very intense orgasm, I cleaned my face with Annie's coat drank a full glass of rum for the breath and left the room with Annie, we excused with everyone saying sha was feeling ill and left to the second venue. In the Uber ride to the restaurant we openly discussed what just had happened and I gave her her thong back, it was al ready dry, and she put it back on, I noticed the driver trying to catch a glimpse on the review mirror. When we got to the place, Annie got off immedialtely to great one friend of hers, before I got off the driver asked me where had I found such a "fun" lady and i told him "in a not very respectable place".

We had a nice evening at the restaurant, Annie flirted with our host, I did noticed him getting very touchy with her, while I had some fun with a couple of waitresses, later I noticed Annie getting into his office with him, so I went to the kitchen with two of the hostesses, I was playing with both of the girls boobs when I got a text that said "the deal is closed let's go" So i snaped a pic of the ladies and sent it to her, got both of their phone numbers and left. In our third Uber ride we also talked about the recent events, first she said "they arte both very hot did you got their numbers" and I said of course, and then i said "I noticed he got very comfy with your body right away have you already given him something?" she said "just the occasional flash, and a couple of kisses with some light touching" so i replaid "what happenend at his office? do you need a shower before we get to the party?" she said "not realy, I just rubbed him over his pants and she sucked my tits" I was shocked ans said "and just like thata he gave you the two years management contract?" and she finally said "well I agreed to go to dinner with him right after he signs the contract next year"

We arrived to my friends apartment in no time, it was almost 1 am already so we went right in, as we went inside we immediately noticed almost every girl was only in lingerie or less dressed and that there was a lsbian show in the middle of the living room and some sort of games happening in the terrace. My friend came to greet us acompanied by two beautiful topless ladies, and he scorted us to his room where he invited us to leave our coats and asked Annie to get "comfortable" she knew what he ment so she asked him to help her unzip her dress, he looked at me and i said "let me help you hold your friends while you do it" and I grabbed both the toplles ladies, he unziped Annie's dress and she pulled it down doing some slight sexy moves for him. My friend noticed I was having fun with the ladies so he huged Annie and said "would you like some drinks" and I replied "lead the way my friend" so he walked infront of me, as he walked ahead I noticed he was grabbing her ass. we got our drinks and had a little small talk with him, eventually some people came looking for him so i told him, "Hand me Annie back and go entertain your guests" we all laughed, he gave Annie a little kiss in the mouth and grabbed one of her boobs and left. I got coser to her after the ladies walked away with him, and I asked her how she was feeling, she said at the beginning the sexual enviroment was overwhelming but that she was already feeling ok with everything.

WE moved into the living room and enjoyed the entertainment for a while, Annie interacted with one of the ladies that was doing the show while I flirted with a group of ladies that was sitting near by. later some guys invited Annie to have some shots and I went outside to talk with our host watching a lesbian couple have fun. a while later Iwent in for a drink and found Annie lying on the bar while the three guys took turns to drink shoots from her belly, I got close, poured a shoot of tequila on her tits and drinked it from her belly. right after i licked the last drop she got up and kissed me while rubbing my cock the guys left while i sucked her boobs. later we were at a lounge talking with a lot of people and one lady started talking about how big her husband was and eventually ended up pulling his dick out of his pants to prove her point, the guy was realy porn star sized and I noticed Annie craving for it, his wife started to suck him right there and inviting the other girls to join in, Annie looked at me and I told her, don't get dirty and got up, I saw as she got on her knees and went straight to it, I washed her suck for a while taking turns with his wife and other girl. then a girl I already had noticed staring at me approached and stood next to me watching Annie and the others suck, while Annie had it in her mouth I approached the grirl from behind and whispered in her ear "Are you as good as her?"

She asked me to get her a drink so we walked out and went to the bar, she got a glass of champagne, and I poured just soda for me, I already had drinked a lot in the three venues and wanted to keep an straight head to fully enjoy the evening. we first sat and talked, then we watched the shows and eventually she sat on top of me and I got her top off. after a lot of kissing and touching she asked for dick so I took her to a more privated place there was an area with some sort of cubicles for lapdances and other privated activities, we waited for a couple of minutes until one got empty (there were only three) and went in, first I sat and she gave me a great lapdance, right at the end of the song she got my dick out and started to suck it. About two minutes later Annie got in, I thouhgt she was gonna stop her as she always do when we go to stripclubs but instead she sat next to me and watched her suck. while the girl sucked Annie caressed her hair and played with her own boobs. later the girl asked Annie "would you like some?" and Annie, to my surprise, spreaded her legs and pulled her wet thong to a side.

the girl realy worked Annie's pussy, I think she knew she was the one deciding what was gonna happen next and gave her everything she got. I noticed Annie was resisting not wanting to cum for her so I said "Finger her ass she loves it" Annie slaped me but then the girl first licked Annie's ass and then got a couple of fingers inside her little asshole and Annie just couldn't take it anymore, she started moaning and screaming and finally cummed very hard. while Annie trembled on the floor the girl pulled three fingers out of Annie's ass and got them inside her mouh, she made Annie lick her own ass, I thought that was a great DOM move from a clearly sub girl, so to award her boldness I grabbed her by her hip and sat her on top of me, I was rock hard and she was extremely wet so my dick went iniside her easily, she screamed yes and started to move her ass hard and said "i've been waiting for this all night" eventualy Annie recovered from her orgasm and sat next to me watching the girl bounce on top of me.

some minutes later, while the girl was still riding me Annie told me "why don't we take this lovely slut home and finish the work there?" the girl only said "let me grab my clothes and my purse" and I just said let's do this. Annie fixeed her underwear and we went out the cubicle, the girl got her thong on and we went to the living room to look for her bra, we found it under a lot of other clothes, Annie help her put it on and we went to the rooms to get our stuff, the girl went into a little closet for her dress, coat and purse, she tried to put only her coat on but Annie stoped her and told her "he would enjoy taking all of our clothes off later get properly dressed" soshe got her dress on, then we wlaked into the main room, Annie made her help her get dress, I grabbed my coat and we went looking for our host, we found him in the middle of a little orgy, I told him We are leaving hope you don't mind we take her with us, he said go ahead so we left.

In the ride home the girls fooled around a little, nothing heavy. when we arrived went straight into the bedroom, Annie turned every light on and went into the girl like a rabid predator before I joined Annie already had her almost naked and sweeting. At first Annie and I concentrated on each other nd made her compliment the work, but then the two of us fully concentrated on her and OMFG did we made the pour thing moan and scream, in the middle of her third or fourth orgasm she screamed " I also like it in the ass" she hadn't even finished before I went balls deep inside her ass. I made her ride me in reverse cowgirl and Annie licked her pussy while I pounded her little ass. the pour thing had two orgasms and basically runned away from us to the floor grabbing her holes trembling in a huge orgasm. Annie laughed and then sucked my dick and said, "I love the taste of her ass in your dick"

I fucked Annie wildly, thanking her for the awesome threesome/night, eventually the girl joined back, first licking Annie's pussy while I fucked her ass to orgasm, then she played with Annie's ass while I fucked her pussy to another orgasm, Annie pulled off and said she was also in too much pain so they both got on their knees and finished me with their mouths, Annie on the balls and the girl onthe dick. I finished in her mouth, they played with the cum swaping it from one mouth to the other and in their faces and boobs and finally swallowed all they could from each others faces and tits.

I layed on the bed and Annie came and rested next to me, the girl remained in the floor for a while and then asked "should I dress and leave?" and Annie said "well honey only if you want to but you can spend the nightf ther is no problem with it" she smiled and said I would lov to stay. Annie lifted her from the floor and took her to the bath, they washed together and I think they also played a little bit, I was really exhausted and just feel sleep eventually I noticed one naked body on each of my sides so I grabbed both asses and went back to sleep. around mid day I felt some movement and some noices that woke me up, they were in the middle of a 69 session so i let them had their fun, whrn both finished I told them now that you are done why don't you suck my dick and then cook me some food, they smiled, kissed and started sucking, I hold it as long as I could and finally finished inside Annie's mouth, the girl rested under Annie's head and opened her mouth and Annie let the cum drip from her mouth but when the first drop of the load was gonna fall she sucked it all in and swallowed and said, sorry honey this one is all mine.

they made a great brunch, we ate and then the girl asked again if she should leave, I told her "Well we are gonna be fucking, eating and cuddling until tomorrow when we both have to go back to work you can stay all you want until that moment" so she asked what was next on that schedule. and we did fucked, ate and cuddled until next morning. Annie left early for a meeting, the girl gave me my morning head, under Annie's request. it was a great orgasm but there was no cum left in me. after she asked if i was gonna fuck her again but I said no and she said thank god because my pussy and ass can't take one more. she took a bath and then I did, when I came out the shower she had her lingerie on and was gonna put her dress but I stoped her, and said "sorry honey but your underwear stays here" she smield and took it all off and said "I hope I don't flash my pussy too much on the way home" so i told her she couldwear some of Annie's clothes, I gave her a pair of Annie's jeans and a little top, and took her to Annie's lingerie drawer, and told her, since we are keeping yours take one of hers, she picked a sexy red lacy one and I told her it has a very sexy bra to match but you really can not fill it she put it on, I snaped a pic to send it to Annie and then wee both got dressed, she was asking for an Uber but I offered to take her where ever she wanted, so she asked me to take her to work.

when we arrived I noticed it was at our host's company, she said she was invited personally by him under her own risk, since she already knew the reputation of his parties and that she agreed under pure curiosity, i asked did you enjoyed, and she said it was the best night of her life. She asked for my name and my telephone number, I asked her "did she gave you theirs?" she said NO, so i told her It means this is not happening again with us but it was a real pleasure to fuck with you. we kissed and she left. I texted Annie I had droped her and Annie texted back lets have lunck together.


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Last week the client Annie and I visited at christmass signed a 5 years contract with us for full management and it included a very big bonus for the person in charge of managing the deal, Annie. As soon as the client left Annie said she had to go to our place to pack since he invited her to celebrate the deal at a beach resort. She said we leave now and be back on sunday (it was friday morning) he took her to our place and then they went straight to the airport. Since A lonely weekend was comming my way I remembered the two waitress I meet while Annie was "negotiating" with him.

I called a few friends from different business and found two nice spots for the girls to improve their careers and called them to invite them to spend the weekend with me. I picked them both up and we went out, after some drinks and some dancing wew went back to my place, we barely left the place after that. On sunday afternoon Annie arrived while the girls were still with me, actually one of them opened the door for her (topless) the two ladies freaked a little but since Annie said nothing they just got dressed thanked and left, while the two were taking a quick shower together I told Annie about the girls new contracts so before they left Annie told them both to meet her today at our office to start the paper work.

I asked Annie about her trip. She told me he barely got off her, that as soon as they checked in the room he fucked her for 2 hours, then they went for dinner and back at it. Apparently he poped more viagra than food that weekend. saturday was the same, morning sex, breakfast, beach and pool and back at it, after lunch they went to the beach and then back into the room and never left it again until they left for the airport on sunday.


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This story's about a girl I was seeing in my college days. We never were dating but would sext and do the whole nine. Anyways, she was taller than average like 5'10, but never stuck to her true size (maybe Medium?). She always wore things a size small. So this is music to your ears I would assume because yes, she would have her whaletail showing A LOT, or have a blatant visible thong line. Her leggings were extremely tight, not a big ass, but nice shape. She would insist it wasn't on purpose, but in classes you could always see her thong. I had 1 class with her and friends from my class would mention it to me or try to hit on her. Knowing this, I had her over one night and she wore one of those multi-strap thongs because I told her how much I liked it. I also persuaded her into wearing these short low cut leggings that guarantee a whaletail. We had an assessment test the next morning that I had her over for the night before to 'study' for, so I knew we could go to class together with her wearing it during the exam. Anyways we get to class write the exam and 5-10 minutes in, I guess students were distracted/someone complained or whatever and they actually moved her to a different seat lol. When she got up you could blatantly see a massive whaletail with the strap 4-6 inches up her back. It was so hot, her looking embarrassed was even better. She had to get up once she finished writing and it popped out again. Friends in my class were jealous and unfortunately she stopped wearing those pants after that. I got other stories to, let me know if you would like to hear them. These are some photos I took when we were shopping around. Major VTL1.jpg 2.jpg