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Hi everyone, I have lots of thong/ underwear stories and wanted to share one that will hopefully get your panties wet and I can hear about it. So let's begin.
About 2 years ago I had been out working all night and my parents had come into town to visit. My Wife and I had 3 small children and she was just a couple months pregnant with our 4th. Not showing but not having lost all the baby weight from the first 3 my 28 year old brunette wife still had and has a killer body. When I got home the kids where up and my wife was sitting in the floor playing with them, still wearing her pajamas which consisted of one of my t-shirts and some vs pj bottom shorts that can be very revealing especially when she bends over because of how short they are and how big the leg holes are. Anyway I walk in and dad is sitting on the couch behind my wife she is turned sideways talking to him. My mom is making breakfast, and I am giving the kids hugs. My wife asked me to help her up and I go to her outstretched hand and pull her to her feet. She exaggerates and slides with her socks on the hard floor as she stands up and leans forward to catch herself bending over perfectly in front of my dad, she didn't linger and make it obvious but as she picked up the baby and sat on the couch to breastfeed I watched my dad's eyes try to pretend he didn't just get a Up close view of something on "accident". I looked back at my wife as she undid her top to let her enlarged milk filled c-cup breast free for the baby....and all to see. As I walked to our bedroom to change I glanced back at my dad who seemed to be shinning red in shame and yet burning with lustful desires as it seemed my wife had shown my dad more in those 2 minutes than she had shown me since we had found out we where pregnant again. As I walked back to my room the fantasies started playing in my head, the questions of is there something going on, was any of it on purpose or was she really just that comfortable and at the same time.e oblivious? Oh how I loved this woman, and yet when you land a score like I did you question everyone's motives........even if it does turn you on to think about the possibilities. Anyway after I changed I went to the kitchen to help mom finish breakfast and about 10 minns later I came back into the living room. My wife had laid the baby down, milk jug back in her bra, and was rocking forward tickling our son between conversations with my dad. When I walked in from behind her I saw it. My favorite pair she owned at the time, a light blue vs thong with a white daisies floral pattern on a mesh material. A perfect not to high this was an accident whale tail, the spring blue, double waist strap just above the waistband of her PJ shorts ( that got bunched up when I lifted her off the ground) and the only reason it was visible was her shirt had flipped up. Mesmerized by my sexy young wifes accidental whale tail, I eventually was able to stop my fantasy reel in my head to notice my dad was in his own daze. My mom mentioned breakfast and that distracted everyone enough for me to walk around the couch to lower my wife's shirt that she didn't even realize had gotten stuck. As my dad noticed what I had done he excused himself to the table and I helped my wife get the kids. Quietly I asked "what made you decide to put these panties on"? She said "I thought you where coming home last night and wanted to surprise you". ( My wife never sleeps in a thong, unless it's for me, because she knows about my fetishes). As I asked my question she embarcingly realized she just flashed a whale tail to my dad, she asked do you think he actually saw it? I replied " I know he saw it, now I'm curious as to just how much more he saw shen you went into doggy right in his face". My wife starts nervous giggling, asking me " well did you like what you saw"? Let's get the kids some breakfast I responded. As we got everyone around the table and prayed my mind was rushing with impure thoughts. As I started asking myself every question and letting the answers lead me In to a whirlwind of lustful fantasy. I was rock hard just wondering if my dad was gonna rub one out thinking of my wife latter on, or if he might fantasies about my wife next time he's with my mom. Or would he ever try to act on an earge with my wife? Maybe he thinks she is flirting with him. I finished my biscuits and excused myself to go take a shower. Just thinking about my wife's whale tail turning on my dad and the lack of love I had been getting at home had me on edge as the bathroom started to steam I had started slowly tugging and rubbing my dick not wanted to rush that beautiful imagine of my wife's thong peeking out in front of my dad. As I started to get a rhythm going the door from our bedroom opened up, at this point I didn't give a shit, I needed to blow this load no matter who was coming in. My wife peeked her head in and teasingly said " you couldn't wait for me"? I replied "I didn't know you where interested". She came in and pulled the baggy shirt over her head revealing those straps again and as she leaned over from the waist in one quick action my cock was in the back of her throat and she had reached behind her with one hand and released the clasp to her bra and as her bra dropped to the floor she had pulled her mouth away just for a second to go all the way to her knees then she quickly started bobbing her head again hitting the back of her throat every two or three bobs. Arching her back I had a perfect view of her thong and I was ready to be inside her. I pulled her to her feet, the bathroom, Good and foggy now I bent her over the bathroom counter top with her panties and bottoms still on I run my hand through the left leg hole and feel how soaking wet that mesh is in her crotch, usually I am all for giving long oral pleasure but she didn't need it. She had been having the same thoughts I was having and her pussy was soaked daydreaming about my dad as I manovered the head of my cock around the materials covering her drooling pussy grabbed the hand towel off the hanger and as I pushed into her receiving hole I leaned over her body and wiped the fog off the mirror then dropping the towel I used both hands and gathered her jet black hair into a ponytail that I wrapped into my hand pulling her head back and up I wanted to see her face in the mirror as I started talking to her. With my other hand I pushed down on the small of her back making her lower onto my cock while getting a max arch with her back as my deep thrust started turning into a long slow rhythmic pace that was starting to increase as I pressed my thumb against her butthole. She started to moan uh huh uh huh, I started speaking: oh your a dirty lil slut aren't you baby? Seeing her face turn red in the mirror I kept going, that's right apparently my dick isn't enough for you is it? Yes it is she pants between thrust, nooo your lips say one thing but you wet pussy tells another story I bet your wishing it was his dick in you right now don't you slut? I can tell by her expression in the mirror and the response from her body she is really getting off on this fantasy, but part of her is still struggling with it all, she lets a tear roll down her face as I grasp her boobs from behind with both hands and start ramming into her harder and faster and I speak again and say, oh yeah my lil slut wants to be shared, your cunts dripping more thinking about my dad isn't it? Tell me you wanna fuck him! I wanna fuck him she moans quietly. Oh no bitch I wanna hear you beg for my daddy's big dick to be in you. As I push her head down and grab her hips and start thrusting hard, balls deep, I feel her body start to convulse as she screams out daddy I want your daddy to fuck me like the slut I am. Then immediately I feel my cock pushed out of her tight pussy as she bucks at the knees and squirts out a massive orgasm soaking her thong and bottoms and her pussy convulsing so tight I can't get back in. As she subsides from her first orgasm of the day I am gently rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit. In her exhaustion as I try and fail to reenter she lets out a nuh-uh moan so I go back to gently rubbing my dick head up and down and after a minn or so I feel her butt drop as I was rubbing my dick from her clit back to her opening and it put the head of my shaft right against her butthole, and I hear a very enthusiastic uh huh, wich sends my head spinning as I press in gently to her tight asshole she puckered up and I stopped, stepping back I yank her shorts down then grab her thong and as I pull it off I turn her over on the counter holding her thong by its straps with each index finger I shove the wet dirty thong in her mouth and with her legs hanging on my shoulders she gasp as she let the weight of her body push her little brown hole onto my cock sucking the juices out of her panties as I move in and out of her tight ass, staring her in the eyes I say "that's my good girl, you love being a little anal slut don't you babygirl"?( My wife lost her anal virginity before she gave up her real v-card) " Daddy I am yours to serve" she replied I kept going, maybe since you wanna be a slut for dad I can call my brothers over too, at this point I am giving her long hard thrusting her ass massaging her sticky clit with my left thumb and playing with her nipples. Oh babygirl your ass is so tight, I don't think I can bring myself to share it. She let out a smile as I thrust 1 more deep thrust and then as I slowly pulled out of her poop chute her face did a dramatic change from smile to sad puppy face. I said don't babygirl I'm not thru yet why don't you come suck my cock for a few mins as I stepped out of the bathroom and laid on the bed, my wife climbs over me, straddling my she leans forward to suck my dick I start licking her clit at first just focussing on stimulating it, then a long stride with my tounge up to her asshole and sheet out a long moan as my tounge dug it's way I to her tight ass. She forces her head down to wear my dick is being tickled by the back of her throat and as turn my focus from her ass back to her sloppy wet pie, my toungs feels something, my wife grinds her pussy onto my tounge and I immediately realize she stuffed her thong inside her pussy. As I'm digging for it with my tounge I see my wife as a hand behind her back teasing her little butthole, this has me ready to explodeand as she burrys her middle finger deep in her backdoor just inches in front of my eyes I think about my dad getting a clear view of her perfect ass earlier and I turn into a pussy eating monster as I go crazy on her clit I realize she is finger banging her asshole pretty intensely and she had stopped sucking my dick, as I ask are you ok I hear her reply uh-huh as it sounds like she is gagging.....but wait if it's not me she is gagging on the......I peak around and see my dad standing there with his dick in my wife's throat. As I listen for a min. I start talking again, is this what you wanted babygirl? Yes daddy I want you and your daddy both inside me. As her hoover came off my dad's cock I tap her to move she gets up and I scoot to the edge of the bed. She stands up and squats down on my dick facing me taking my hard pole straight in her booty holes she bounces her way all the way down she puts 2 fingers inside her pussy, grabs the thong and pulls it out dripping with her cum. She wads the panties up and shoves them in my mouth, with a very sinister look she leans in and whispers in my ear ( your my bitch now daddy) and as she leaned back with my dick in her assmy dad's ass and balls became the next thing I saw as his thick cock went into her pussy I could feel her sphincter grip my dick like never before at first I tried to protest, but this little slut was enjoying to much and within a minute I was too. So hot hearing her moan in pleasure as I felt my dad's thick cock moving against her anal wall. As he fucked her she cried out, yes papa, your dick feels amazing oh papa, fuck me, cum in me papa, I have wanted you for so long now! When I heard her say it I immediately lost all self control and felt my balls tighten hard and fast and as my dad started moaning in ecstasy I couldn't hold back anymore and felt it shoot out like a rocket deep into my wife's guts. As my dad pulled his shrinking cock out of my wife's pussy, she started begging him, don't leave papa, let me at least clean your big dick off while your son eats your spunk out of my pussy. But she had more in mind that cleaning him off as he stepped closer to her face she tilted her head and immediately stuck her tongue out and started licking his he realized what she was doing he turned around and bent over giving her direct access. She leaned forward and my cock popped out of her slimy ass and as she tossed my dad's salad she also lick his big hairy balls and started stroking his dick to get him hard again. I started to say God your such a slut and I love it......but she cut me off and said shut up bitch boy and clean your daddy's cu. Out of my pussy. I was startled yet completely aroused. As she sat on my face sucking my dad's dick she starts talking to him. You know papa I really want your big cock to come in my ass. I don't know if It will fit because it's so much bigger than this bitches little dick but he did just shoot a big load of lube in if you wanna try. And as I watched my dads big fat cock enter my wife's tiny backdoor I started stroking my dick while cramming my tounge in her sweet pussy to eat out all that was left. Holy fuck, she started to scream your daddy's so much bigger than you, God he can actually fill me up. Papa I want you to shoot a thick load in my ass for your son to clean up yes papa fuck my ass like a dirty lil slut, and as dad was right on the edge of shooting his second load into my wife I hear her scream and she forced her mouth onto my dick as she started squirting gallons of cum straight on my face. And as he shot his second load into my wife I came again down my wife's throat. After he was out of her ass without saying anything he went down stairs and she and I laid there in pure ecstasy not able to talk about what had just happened........little did we know, we where just getting started for the day.