Teacher wife naked

Hi guys, newbie here.

My wife is a teacher, her juicy ass and huge tits must drive the dads and lads in her class wild. I love thinking about them busting a nut over her cleavage or arse wobble.

She was fast asleep after the christmas party and I got these pics for you - what many a dad and lad must have fantasised over seeing and wanking over. Tell me what you think.



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She doesn't know about the pics. she was so deeply asleep that I opened up her peachy cheeks to gently tickle her arsehole, stroking my cock the entire time.

She usually loves that, but hates having it licked. So I warmed her up and then darted my tongue in there. She purred contentedly.

Couldn't get pics of that unfortunately.
I came to bed last night and my wife was sound asleep naked on her back with her big soft tits out. I tried to get a pic, but she'd rolled over by the time I got my cam.

I wasn't going to ignore the opportunity though of gently stroking her juicy arse and getting more pics for you. She loves her ass being played with. After I'd stroked her cheeks and slid a finger gently between her bum cheeks, taking photos for you all the while, she murmured from her sleep, 'Hmmm, that was nice.'

I tried so hard to part her cheeks to give you a wank over her arsehole or even juicy, sweet pussy but couldn't quite do it.

I wonder what the dads and lads in her class would think if they knew they could part her sweet cheeks and tease her arsehole to drive her crazy?


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But that's not all. She pulled the covers over and I wondered if I could shoot blind with my cam (and flash)? Holding her butt cheeks open?

Here are the results - wouldn't you love to bust a but over this teacher's sweet arsehole? She was purring and pushing back on my exploring fingers the whole time. She loves it.


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She must be in a good mood, she let me tongue her asshole last night, pushing back against me so her arse was squashed against her face while I fingered her pussy.

Not the greatest quality but I managed to capture her juicy heavy tits in the shower this morning.

I'm imagining how much cum would be spilt by her pupils/Dads if they saw her massive full tits free at last.

Have you cum over her? Which pic? Let me know.



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Jackpot last night. Managed to sneak the phone under the covers while I teased the wife.

1. Who wants to see between her chunky thighs?
2. Tease as her pussy comes into view
3. Her asshole and pussy lips. Jackpot
4. I have my third finger in her pussy and my thumb in her ass here as she enjoys the DP
5. Exposed for you to wank over her pussy and arse
6. My finger on her asshole as I tease her-she moaned in pleasure
7. Can you see how wet her juicy pussy is from the playing?
8. You can see her lightly-covered mound as she arches her back, pushing back against my finger in her pussy and thumb inside her asshole to fuck her deeper. I wonder if she fantasises about being DP by the school Dads, or other teachers?

What would you like to do to her? Which is your favourite? What if you saw your teacher enjoying being violated in two holes at once?



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does she ever show clevage or wear anything sexy to work?
Not intentionally. Sometimes low cut tops that reveal a deep cleavage when she bends down. I imagine the boys in her class ask her to their desks quite a lot on those days.

She wears tight trousers which cling to her ass most of the time though. I’ve caught many a boy ogling her cheeks, especially when they wobble slightly as she walks.

I bet they’re dreaming of her bending over, opening her thighs like I have for you here before cumming hard over her ass or in her pussy.

True story, many years ago, she said a lad in her class slid his hand up the inside of her thigh from behind until he could (presumably) feel the heat of her pussy between her legs as she bent over away from him. I bet he was unable to control himself and had dreamed of it for ages.

I asked her what it felt like, she said she enjoyed the feeling itself but grabbed his hand and pushed it back out between her legs.

I was so turned on that night, she jerked me off talking about it. I wonder if in her (never acted out) fantasies it crossed her mind to jerk off that lad while he groped her pussy and ass.


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What an amazing post! I love that she is hairy, her ass is so hot. I just can't wait to see more. Does she leave messes in her panties? Does she like when you eat her ass and pussy?
What an amazing post! I love that she is hairy, her ass is so hot. I just can't wait to see more. Does she leave messes in her panties? Does she like when you eat her ass and pussy?

She loves me eating her pussy; she has to be in the mood and REALLY warmed up for me to eat her ass. But it's worth it on those occasions she puts her thighs on my shoulders after I've made her pussy soaking wet by burying my face in it for so long, before curling my tongue around her sweet asshole while she strums her clit, gasping, pushing her ass in my face for more.