The Art of Hunting Thongs


Hello Everyone,
I am a longtime follower of this site and its predecessors. I have posted this in the past:
. I will be posting more in the future and will see what people would like. I have lots of good material, lots of not so good material but I'll see what catches on.

I will also be discussing some of the nuances of hunting, or at least my style. Maybe it will inspire some new hunters. I haven't seen any new hunters in a while so maybe I will inspire the next gen :)


Here are some caps from the video I linked to. I'm not sure why the video is such poor quality as the file I had previously posted was much higher resolution. Anyhoo hope you all enjoy. Saw this mum at the airport putting her shoes back on. I spotted something and when I got closer I thought it was just regular undies popping up. Lo and behold I captured this and it's one of my faves and also one of my best.

As I said before I have plenty to post so just wondering what people are into. I was going to post some see-thrus next and see what attention that grabs :) I still have another video featuring this mum that I will post later on unless there is high demand now.


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The video is great I'm hoping to see the rest of your collection ! Also open to seeing your hunting tips I always find it so complicated when people are around in public.


Hope you all enjoy this next set. This is a great capture of see thru black leggings. There is no shortage of good shots on the net but I'd like to walk through a capture and point out some key things.

I would categorize leggings into athletic wear leggings (think lululemon, etc) and under clothes leggings (think long shirts covering ass, dress/skirts with leggings under). We'll focus on the under clothes leggings and specifically black. Black under clothes leggings have a tendency to expose the underwear when stretched because the material is too thin. Any woman wearing leggings that fit great or are too small (hopefully!) fall into this category. This is easily visible to the naked eye but not so much for the camera. This particular property of leggings is exacerbated when direct sunlight is exposed making it a viable option for capture. See case in point!

Shadows will cause the capture of the legging to degrade. See the progression of this lass walking and how the shadow from the building will cause the capture to be rendered useless. Not to fear, direct sunlight exposure fixes the issue.

Having a clear shot and getting the ass to be fully visible is key. This next image shows an ass right before the foot leaves the ground (the right foot in this case as the left foot is the plant foot) causing maximum ass-age (my made up term for a fully flexed glute).

Maximum ass-age is also achieved by having the legs as aligned (next to each other) as possible. See...

Finally, and this should be one of the hunters main focus, don't fucking shot block!!!!

OOOPS! Thats me with my head and body in the way. This is unavoidable in all reality. The shots you will be taking will usually be without the persons consent. The person you are capturing is REAL. They won't be cooperating with your agenda and the probably wouldn't appreciate you taking the shots you will be taking!

This particular shot was done at a mall with a long walkway at just the right time of day to have the direct sunlight. This is very important for this type of shot! The girl eventually cut away towards a parking lot but not before a perfectly timed capture. I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! I have another video I can cap with the lass but really these shots are hard to top!


Next up we have some shots of light colored clothes that become see thru under the right conditions. Specifically, in the shade. Kinda the opposite of black which needs direct sunlight for maximum effect white and other light colored clothes are best under lower light conditions. It produces a very nice effect for viewing and capturing. Enjoy!

Here you can see no expose because of direct sunlight.

Once we hit the shade of the tree we see maximum exposure. The captures don't look as good as the video and definitely not as good as in person!

Finally she is gone ;(

I typically will look for certain conditions when hunting. Namely is there a direct sunlight position for capturing black/dark see thrus. Where are the shady places without too much low light (causes video to get grainy) to capture light color see thrus. Where are the places where people sit to capture whaletails.

If anyone has any requests as to what to post next let me know. There seems to be lots of readers but few posters so if you do reply I will probably post what you request! I have basically lots of different stuff, whaletails, see thru thongs, vtl/vpl, upskirt.



Thanks poth!

Here's a basic shot. This girl is off her chair a little allowing a nice semi-side capture. It looks like she is wearing one of those triangle thongs with the center cutout or rather it's just strings. Not sure of the construction but they are fairly common. The cute bow at the top in the back is a nice touch!

I didn't do anything special except turn on the video on my phone and walk slowly enough to capture. I believe it's pretty inconspicuous and I am out of there in a few seconds before anyone notices.



Your great work is appreciated! Thank you for this!

My thoughts:
I've spent immense amount of time to find... Fucking nothing! It's insane! Even in Ukraine girls stopped to show their thongs :(
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The mum is a good candidate for capturing. The mum is characterized by the presence of an infant/toddler. The reason the mum is good for capturing is that she will typically be pre-occupied with the little one than to notice you. In addition, she has a tendency to squat down or bend over to deal with little one. This is great for us! The reason the mum is good and not great for capturing is the possible presence of the dad.

The calvin klein thong capture was of a mum, what a delight!

This mum was helping out kiddo.

I do appreciate all the comments so keep them coming! Also ask any questions you may have.