The Vi3wers thongs


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Just watched your recent post again now "on my own". I also really love the outside shots with that candid like aspect. THAT is exactly what I meant...also the quality is really nice on all the new stuff. The white thong seems a bit unspectacular on first glance, but it really turned my on...can't say why exactly.

I was wondering: In one of your first posts you said, that your wife also reviews this thread. What are her thoughts on the comments and the development of this thread, i.e. her "fanbase"?

Thanks again and keep up the good work!


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Your wife is amazing, super sexy and confident with all those people around. The thong popping out of her jeans brings out the best of her figure, really sexy seeing her. Please never stop doing what you guys do :)


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Love her thong slips and the variety of thongs she has. So sexy. I hope you always update this thread with more awesome sexiness from your wife


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my god..if this is the view she gives at the park i need to go to more parks when im going for walks:eek: unbelievable how hot that is. her jacket rides up and everything, i can see why other ppl were staring,...cant wait for more, looks like her belly would show if she tied her hair up too? did she notice or even care?