TikTok Folder


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Hiya everyone! I went through TikTok and searched for wedgie related videos. I found a lot of similar ones and put the majority of them in this folder. I originally posted this to r/WedgieGirls, but I thought you guys would appreciate it as well. I hope you all enjoy, and I'll try to keep it updated.

Edit: At first, I was worried that this duet died out since the majority of videos are days old. However, I found newly added videos from within the past couple of days. Therefore, we might be getting more in the future. This will be my only update message, so if you're interested, check up on the folder every other day.

Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QW9HS8PyCNG5qSv5Mqq0MfSWzMDwlUVZ