Twitch.TV - Compilation of 100+ (mostly) whale tails


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fellas, best stream ever? get your clips now!

I'm getting an error message on the player

Can you post the link instead but where the dots are, just write (dot) so that we can type that part out ourselves? That way no one can track that traffic is coming from this site? For example, www(dot)twitch(dot)tv instead of posting the actual url and creating a hyperlink.


Can you post link to her stream?
It's not letting me post the VOD, but the slip is from the stream 7 days ago (17/09/2022) titled "PLASTIC WILL SHRINK YOUR NOODLE!!" with the slip happening around 01:20:55.

I had a quick skim through but couldn't see any others as she's sitting down most of the stream

This is the channel: