Vee's Tails


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Just a peak of what's been happening on our onlyfans since last time I posted here 😊
What kind of leggings does she wear? I’m trying to find these for my gf so I can post some good whaletails here


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A quick update on peaks of whats over on our onlyfans 😊 Enjoy!!

Got to hear the story behind the shoulder wedgie! Did she ask for it? Was it self inflicted? Does she like wedgies 🥵
Shooooot, a fan asked for them as a custom, so we made videos of me giving her a wedgie, aaaaall the way lol we liked it so much, we posted a video on our wall of one of those wedgies. I'm pretty sure she can do it herself now, we'll try to post a video this Wednesday for Wedgie Wednesday lol