Walmart fun


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Walmart is such a great place to thong flash. So many fun experiences so I thought I'd share a few. Just curious if anyone else has had any good flashes. Here's a quick one that happened the other day. I was in the mens section getting a package of athletic socks. I was wearing jeans, a blue hoodie, and a red Joe Snyder bulge thong (one of my favorite styles). A Walmart employee was doing some inventory in the mens socks and underwear aisles. She was around 5'5"ish, black hair, heavy set, probably in her 40s. Was probably pretty good looking when she was younger before kids. She asked me if I needed any help and I declined but thanked her anyway. She was friendly so I figured I'd give her a quick show. I picked a package of socks then moved to the next aisle where she was working in the underwear section. I squatted down to the bottom shelf. I checked to make sure my thong was sticking out and it was. Through my peripheral vision I seen her exit the aisle to her kart then walked back towards me. I hear her say "we definitely don't sell that style." I replied playing dumb "excuse me?" She says while slightly giggling "your thong was showing so I was just joking that we don't sell anything like that here." Then she proceeded to keep working. Quick experience but it was hot. Love to hear anyone else's experiences.