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Have been extremely fortunate enough to be with a young woman an ex-colleague of mine (29 years old) for 5 months now. Have been lurking on here for a while but always been a bit reluctant to put anything on here in case she found out and I wasn't sure 'tape' would really be the same as panties but then I thought the basic principle of a woman wearing something on her intimate parts then removing it after a time is still prevelent so I thought what the hell maybe someone will appreciate it.

I'd rather no pics be shown of her in any way so I will have to just give you a description of the girl:

5 foot 2 tall
part Asian (Filipino)
slim/medium build (used to be slimmer but she added a little weight lately but still isn't fat)
light brown shoulder length hair
brown eyes
has a cute little innocent face and pretty smile
wears light makeup most of the time

She also has a rather shy and coy personality but is a massive pervert behind closed doors (something I never would had guessed) although I saw very slight hints of this the first times I started dating her. Now I am always joking to her how its always the innocent looking ones like her that are the dirtiest lol so as she knows about my panty/tape fetish thing going on she sometimes sends me something even better for me as she knows I have a weird fetish thing thing for women who wear tape down there to capture their womanly scent better so that's exactly what she did! she occasionally goes away for 6 days at a time on business (she's high up in the commerce world) this pink strip tape was over her pussy and asshole for approx 24 hours and smelled heavenly! was stronger than one she sent before because its been a lot warmer weather. She will always send me a pics and a video too of her removing it and I have some caps of said video.

anyway what you guys think? questions? (pics below) if you think this doesn't belong on here then I will get thread removed if admins don't approve and don't already.

2 of her she sent me before removing:


during and after removing. Her cooch is probably one of the prettiest I've ever seen on a woman she always keeps it very shaven and is so lickable. I love her vulva! her ass is also hella hawt.

screenshot_20190712_072516.jpg screenshot_20190712_072437.jpg

the red box outlines where the vulva indentation was <3 one of the most important parts for me to smell personally

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removing the tape from her ass


just a couple general shots below of the tape upside and upside down (click in enlarge) although this was about a month back so its the tape is little less neat since then



In these two below you'll see the general outline of where her vulva lips were in the first one directly below marked by the red circle although it doesn't come out great on my camera :( (apologies for low quality shots)


one below is a good approx where her asshole was


me having a quick sniff before work lol its almost like my cocaine (the red box shows where her vulva indentation was and where it ended)


hope you guys liked it! i'm literally crazy in love having a girl who can do these things and won't be creeped out, in fact I may marry her lol.


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lol thx. No sorry not right now anyway and no dirty tape as of yet. You like anything in particular about this idea?


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I just love the smell of a female that has been creaming. Nothing better than a thong that has a little ass, piss, and some cum on it


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Oh!?! How interesting! Did you get it back? How did that go? That is an interesting kink. Please tell me a little bit about it.


lol not a lot to tell about it really I just have always had this fetish with tape over a womans parts to experience later and yes she was sure to mail me the tape when she was away :D I think I must be the only man on planet earth with this weird kink.