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I recently began working at a law firm and my managing attorney is super hot, super small, and she’s young (no older than 40). I would always look at her butt trying to see if she wears a thong. And FINALLY, during a deposition while she bent over to show our client something, out popped a nice black lace v string. I tried not to stare with opposing counsel looking at me and she might have felt it coming out bc she came back and pulled her shirt down so fast. But I’ll definitely be on the lookout more now that I know she wears thongs 😋


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Just a quick story; but a couple days ago we went to another kids birthday party party at an arcade. My wife was wearing some low rise True Religion jeans that are really low and they lace up in the front, there’s no zipper or buttons. So as she was walking around and bending throughout the day they would loosen up a little and her bright blue Puma thong would show. A couple of the other guys there were catching on and staring when it popped out.

Caught a pic before we left