Whale Tails in Movies


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Epic bodysuit begins at 1:10:30.
Lifetime movie Devious Nanny
I always wonder if the director knew this would happen and purposely chose that outfit and made sure to include it.
Or maybe it was a low budget film and they couldn't afford to do retakes.

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I saw whaletails in " Final Destination 3", "13 going 30"
FD3 has one of the best whaletail scenes of all time. Opening scene in the movie, those two girls sitting next to each other at the carnival intentionally flaunting their thongs. Pink and blue.
This is a strange one but stick with me.

(At about 5:13, when she stands up and bends over, I recommend watching it at as slow a speed as possible)

Throughout the whole video, her blue shirt looked like just a shirt, but in this one scene, I noticed that it looked more like a thong bodysuit, especially when she bends over. I checked again, and sure enough, in the rest of the scenes her shirt is just a shirt, but at 5:13, there's a quick, unnecessary cut, so I think what happened was they had to re-shoot the scene later, but she only had a thong bodysuit instead of the same blue shirt, so she had to wear the bodysuit instead. When she stands up it looks like there's a white seam, which her shirt didn't have, and when she bends over, it really looks like a whaletail. You guys can check too, but I hope it's a thong, especially because I like to believe the director or herself decided that it still needed to look like a shirt, so she purposefully whaletailed to make it look like it was still a shirt instead of a bodysuit. If she wore it like a normal bodysuit, the fact that her top is tucked in could make it obvious it wasn't the same shirt, so maybe they thought if she exposed her skin and let her thong ride up, it would trick people into looking like a shirt, at least I hope that's what happened. Or it could've been an accidental slip, or it might not even be a thong and I'm just seeing things. What do you guys think?

(The actress is Trew Mullen, she's 24)


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"Freaky Friday" 2003, Jamie Lee Curtis Whaletail at minute 31.20 to 31.30 or so of the full movie. Partially seen here at 39.15