What are your ways to discover wether a girl wears a thong through online talk?


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Long time lurker here.
I am doing a bit of online thong search lately. In the past, I used to give a long questionnaire with a sexy part, including panties. But as I get older and talk to older people (20-25 and not 15-18) it seems to be less effective.

Lately I've been trying to write a big introducing message and including in it that I have a thong fetish and rather mention it now than get ghosted later which hurts (it is more a fact of not losing time with girls who don't wear them already as you might have guessed)
But I seem to have a low ratio of answers this way.

At the very beginning I used to just ask about clothing style and then ask if she's the kind to do extreme things like thong showing and wearing transparent leggings then as she says no I'll ask if she dislikes thongs at all... But it's weird to admit a thong fetish after the discussion I guess (while it works perfectly IRL as you can tease the girl about whether she wears one ATM and ask to get a glimpse)

So yeah, I'm a bit out of innovative ideas and wonder what you guys have in mind. If any girl comes here, I'd love to know their strategies too.

Btw this isn't for tinder or so, where I can be patient enough to know about it after a bit. It's for online talk solely, where expectations to meet are extremely unlikely - so the end goal is self whale tail pics obviously

Thanks in advance !


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1. start a normal conversation
2. ask her about her day
3. she will ask you back
4. tell her something funny happend
4.1 tell her that you went swimming this morning and you saw a guy wearing a thong
4.2 create an online profile as a young 15 years old girl and say it's your birthday and you got a thong as a present from your older sister. most of the time they find it funny. you can tell her that you are not sure about this kind of underwear (it looks so uncomfortable). often they tell you their story about their first thong and the wedgie feeling at the beginning and so on.

These are the best 2 opener for me. I got tons of replys and deep talk about thong underwear haha


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Important topic. What sites do you guys use to talk about thongs with girls?

I would say I'm pretty good at doing this IRL and with most of my female friends I have probably talked about thongs and underwear and got them to tell me about their preferences. The key is to be subtle about it and kind of bring the subject up by accident and then make the girls take the next step and push the subject further and seem kind of uninterested yourself. Works most of the time.

As for online and through dating apps I haven't really tried it as much. But normally asking girls about their clothing style, what brands they like etc. usually gives you some kind of opportunity to bring up underwear in one way or another lol.
One way I've done it before is kind of a weird way, but it seems to work (probably better in person). There's a scene in Shrek 2 where Pinocchio is wearing a thong (sounds really weird out of context) so what I do is, whether or not they've seen the movie, describe the scene and how it's so weird because most kids watching the movie don't know what thongs are, and say that I definitely didn't know what a thong was when I was like 8. It's a solid way to get thongs into the conversation that doesn't seem to weird. If you want, you can even mention how he gets a bit of a thong wedgie and ask if they've ever gotten a thong wedgie and if it hurts. This is a good way to more directly ask if they wear thongs, and still seems a bit more natural and not creepy. I've tried the first part twice and eventually found out whether or not they wear thongs, so it seems to work fine (probably better for a younger audience, though).


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The fake profile thing isn't really good for me. I think part of the appeal is knowing that a girl reveals that she wears a thong to me, personally.

The clothing style approach is clunky, the transition to underwear is weird. I'd usually say "I hope you're not like all these girls letting their thong show" but if they say they do, I either have to pretend it's bad, or turn tables and say I actually like it!!

The Shrek gimmick is funny haha. Guess you can also talk about the thong song in that sense


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Honestly the only time I've done it I just told this girl what kind of girls I like and she told me that's how she dresses. See Jacee's story.