What turns your wife or girlfriend on?


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My wife loves it when I wear white shorts with black boxers underneath.
She loves getting my dick out in the pub and playing with it where nobody can see.
She loves when I wear a thin white button down shirt that she can see my tattoos through.
She loves when I wear skinny jeans to swim in the river and they cling tight when I get out.


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My missus likes me wearing tight jeans commando, she undoes my zip & plays with my dick in public places when no one can see (we hope!).


My wife loves it when I wear my flirty see through short shorts on the couch while watching TV. Sometimes nothing underneath, other times I have a thong on underneath. We cover up with a light blanket and she loves to tease me with her feet to get me hard. It doesn't take long before my shorts are off and she is stroking my hard cock with her feet. We either end up fucking right on the couch most times.