Who has seen you?


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Hey All!

Who was clearly seen a whaletail or more from you? Thongs or panties are fair game.

I’d love to be brave enough to join a gym just to walk around/shave/etc wearing a girly thong or panties. Might motivate me to work out more!

This wasnt a sighting, but my GF and her best friend (we all know each other from college well) share most everything. The friend asked my GF is I was still wearing panties, which of course was yes! I’ve also hung out with both of them wearing leggings (and clearly a thong underneath).


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Anyone who has managed to catch a glimpse of my thong slips in public, usually while shopping for new panties .

One time I was just shopping in primark, there lingerie is so nice and quiet cheap. Anyway I was wearing a Calvin klein thong, it was clearly visible and many women saw it,I heard laughter and some shocked reactions. Then one girl maybe 19 years old whispered in my ear, nice thong sexy boy. I nearly hit the roof. It was actually a girl I went to school with and she always had a thing for me. I eventually finished up shopping. (I brought a set of lace thongs, 2 thong and bra sets1 bright pink and the other in yellow, some cheeky panties and just some fishnets and thigh highs).

I made my purchase and headed for the door, in the meantime my school friend caught up with me again. She saw everything I bought and she wanted to help me buy more she says. She says shall we try Victoria secret. I was quite resilient but she did have this sort of persuasive way about her..

Let's just say many more women in vs have seen what I wear

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My wife, SIL, best friend's wife, and a buddy have all seen me either whaletailing and seen me wearing only thongs and ive seen them whaletailing and in only thongs. My buddy also wears thongs and we've traded some of my wifes thongs for his ex-wifes. I have thongs from all of them and wear them frequently.


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My wife, my mothere, my sister, several random ppl I flashed over the yrs, a salesewoman in a lingerie store I used to buy at and me open about it


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I used to wear mens thongs on the beach in Florida when I was in my 20s. Many, many people had seen me in a thong there. Lots of older women would stare and it was such a turn on. Sometimes women would come up to me and chat for a bit and get a closer look. I would always end up with a hard on. So much fun. My favorite part of going to the beach like that was when I first got there. I would set up a towel and then slip my shorts off to reveal my thong. Those first few minutes were exhilarating. That feeling of being so exposed was such a rush.

I now like to sunbathe in my backyard wearing thongs. Even though I have a privacy fence its very possible my neighbors have seen me but I’m not sure. A couple summers ago, I was seen by a female FedEx truck delivery driver. There is a private driveway behind the rear section of 6’ privacy fence around my yard. Since the truck is so tall she could see right over the fence as she drove by. There I was in plain sight wearing my black micro thong laying on my back. She slowed down and got a good look. On her way back out I rolled over on my stomach and again she drove very slowly passed. I looked back to see her looking again. I gave her a wave and she waved back with smile.


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Two neighbor husbands, one wife, ex wife sister, two women at work, many men in locker room... women in costa rica..

In costs rica my wife was making out with women in our bed... I wanted to fuck her.. she said go buy rubbers.. I was in her lu lu lemon panties only. That is all I wore to store... Many women in store took long looks. the lady checking me out said really. I said I have two women waiting and they like me in these... she said you look great.. go have fun your ass looks great


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sexy. my wife loved for while.. then she turned.. I kept going went bad.. I would listen to her masterbate then do myself.. she rip back blanket I in her panties... she would swear and yelll. I would say you just orgasmed so can i.. I would go downstairs and finish...
The next morning I try to fuck her no.. I try to eat her out or rub her out no... she would go downstairs naked.. I would come down in shorts and her panties... she would yelll.. She would go up and masterbate.... then shower some down clean and changed... I would go change and wear my shorts and her panties and jerk off on bed before shower.... Every sunday was same torture.... either around 5 she invite neighbor over and fuck him or call me in room.. After that make dinner.. before bed I would always jerk off on sofa.... she would laugh... I would then say I know your horny and wet... just do it so you in good mood.. rub that clit... we washed clothes you have clean panties.. I would attempt to fuck wife daily.. or jerk off nightly
I wear mens thongs just out of habit at this point. I hate wearing anything else to the gym and sometimes I'm pretty sure I get whaletail without realising it. I have kind of a big ass so I've always had underwear showing, when I just made thongs my default underwear I'm pretty sure it happens without me realising. At one point my old room mate, this really beautiful Lithuanian girl, would start showing me all these clips of Michelle Rogriguez' outfit in the first fast and the furious where her thong straps are showing. I figured out pretty soon she must have seen that I wear a thong. One time she had a friend over and she deliberately laughed about me within earshot about how I'm always wearing my bathrobe around the house. I just played it off like it's just my clothes, it's just what I wear. I can only imagine what she said without me hearing.

Besides that though, I've done my fair share of flashing. I experience enough whale tail regularly so I tend to be a little braver going out. It all started when I realised a pair of cycling shorts I bought had very low thread count and I could see my thong through if I bent over. I found there's loads of cheap shorts on ebay that will just completely expose you. I always lose a sense for how much is visible or how much the lighting hides. I have this cheap pair of black leggings I like to wear that I always assume are like, mat-black? But it turns out they look more like tights now that I've seen them in proper lighting. I went to get cash out at the local supermarket and I hear three girls walking behind me. One gasped audibly, and then as they went in I heard them laughing to one another. Later on I saw them staring as I walked past and then as I was at the checkout they all took the one next to me. I didn't dare look to see if any of them were staring, but I pulled my leggings up which usually completely exposes what I'm wearing underneath. This is a video of what I was wearing from the day:
also: when I'm feeling really stupid I go out wearing these leggings with neon trim and I pull them as far up as I can.

I'm very much about feeling what I'm wearing, not just being a dumb slut. Perhaps I've been doing this too long. I used to go to this co-op branch in the early mornings when I was far more self-conscious of what I was doing and there was this beautiful greek-looking woman who would just stare wide-eyed. Sometimes I'd see her, sometimes I'd catch her in the reflection of the glass. I could never tell if she was horrified or liked what she was looking at, but past a certain point I'd try out different thong/shorts combination just for her to see, and she'd always be staring. I think after a while she was aware of what I was doing, but when I started wearing these neon trim leggings on the two occasions I went back she stood in the aisle and just looked. Besides her I've had so many people stare, do double takes, follow me around. I never like to look, I try to keep as natural as possible and I've never felt good about filming reactions. There was one young woman with the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes in a local Wilko who always wore leggings herself, had an amazing ass, and she'd just follow me round the store and stare every time I went in. In one store I overheard two women speaking among themselves "my god and I thought I was brave!" and I caught one girl running past me with her phone in hand laughing (obviously she'd been filming.) Occasionally I've even had men react in funny ways. Always older men, 40s, 50s. One bloke started making some stupid superhero song like he thought I was in a costume, and one man offered to give me a bag to help me pack my shopping one time. I don't swing that way so their attentions were lost on me, but it was nice to see people being friendly rather than hostile to a guy with his thong completely exposed!


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That is an awesome combo, just see through enough but not super obvious. Do you shower and change there showing off in the locker room?


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My immediate family knows that I wear thongs, but don't care too much after several years. I also wore thongs with my ex, who loved thongs herself). I also strip to my thong when changing at the gym, but I don't otherwise make any deliberate effort in telling people I wear thongs (apart from occasionally using swim thongs at the beach or pool).


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Hey…. Iv a few good real life stories about flashing my thong that I think it’s about time I share,

Let me start off by saying I’m a 36yr old male in good shape who always wears thongs and is not too afraid to let it slip at times 🙂

One story that comes to mind is one day I was working in security for a retailer and was on duty with a female collegue, however on this day there is a couple of incidents…

First one Incident… 9am I’m on the sales floor talking to a customer and seen my collegue the other side of the store who was approaching me so I decided to allow the back of my T-shirt get caught on the top of the antenna of my radio which was clipped on to the back of my jeans.

Knowing my string triangle back thong was on display as my shirt was caught about 6inches higher then my waist band I deliberately turned my back to my colleague as she approached which took about 30 seconds knowing she would have to see…

Anyway I haven’t acknowledged her approach me and kept my back to her while I spoke to this customer, with my ashtonishment she came up behind me and tapped me on the back and discretely told me with a little smirk on her face and infront of the customer that my shirt was caught up, I acted suprised and said oh thanks for that and she then walked away…

Later that day I thanked her again and she said no probs and that she couldn’t have me showing like that


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Back during my raunchy horny faggy era, many people saw me at beaches parading around in women’s thong panties, and at the local bathhouse The Watergarden before it closed down for good.