Who knows?


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How many guys, who wear only MALE THONGS, that are straight, have friends who know? Do any of your other guy friends know you wear Mens thongs? How did they find out, did you tell or did they see?


I dont wear male thongs (wear womens) but i have quite a few friends that know. Most are female but i gave 2 male friends that know. One of them even wears female thongs as well. I told everyone except for one female friend. She saw it


I have a few thongs and they’re all men’s. No one except my wife and sadly my mother in law knows. I just don’t think it’s socially acceptable. Which is why we can’t find them at any stores. It’s too bad because they offer amazing support and feel as sexy as hell.


I wear male thongs, and I’ve been wearing thongs for 15 years. But I’ve always kept my thong wearing to myself. None of my friends and family members know about my underwear preference. My friends are mostly from church, and my parents are super conservative.
I still wear them in public, and I don’t mind being seen in a thong. I always a rock a thong at the beach and I have no problem changing in front of others.