Wife always whaletailing!


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At her favorite shop taking advantage of some sales after work, of course with her new VS thong accidentally slipping out again, people passing by even stopped to gaze, but most of all the store employee had the time of his life helping her around the store! I could read his mind of what he wanted to do! What would you think and want to do seeing her like that?
What kind of brand thong is that? Seems pretty thick and sexy!


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The best. Absolutely the best most perfect thong.

Went on a hike, and stopped to pick some flowers! Needless to say I think she gave everyone passing by a much better view than the forest with her thong slipping! Every guy with a dog was delighted as she bent in front of them to give it a pet, they couldn’t believe what they saw. What would you want to do if you saw her slipping in front of you?!