Worn thong seeker

I am interested to know your strategies in seeking out worn thongs and wondered if you had any boundaries or put offs.

I consider myself quite a pro now, and experienced after delving into many of wash baskets over the past few years. I seem to have a gut feeling as to whether something is too risky and shortly after it become apparent that I would of been caught.

First memory of a thong fetish was fifteen or so years ago with an ex, they had one bathroom which was downstairs and her mum left a thong in there once and it had a mark in it. I remember sniffing it and it turning me on, I can’t remember if I did anything else but that’s my first memory.

I don’t think I did anything else until about 3 years ago when my girlfriend had a few friends around straight from work, they got changed here and left stuff behind. Something came over me to go immediately upstairs once they left and check their bag. One bag had 3 white thongs in it, none of them had any scent though which was disappointing as she was the hottest and another bag had one visibly dirty thong in it which due to the size of it I could tell which of my friends clearly it was. The other two had no thongs but one of them did have a used tampon it in. This grossed me out if I am honest.

Since that moment, Ive been like a dog on heat and sought every opportunity to look for thongs, preferably worn but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a clean pair of it allowed me to relate to the person wearing them.

For me the thrill is just knowing that person that you obviously know actually wears thongs, then finding out what they smell like.

I’ve probably ticked off every bar two of my partners friends and my partners mum (aged 50) and her sister (aged 23)

Most situations has been going to the toilet in someone’s house and either finding a wash bin in the actual toilet itself or usually which I find in england is they are on the landing outside. The landing makes things tricky as you need to open, identify, grab and then take to the toilet. Things are even more complicated if the persons house has a downstairs bathroom, it’s tricky finding an excuse to go upstairs.

But yeah, i’ve buried my face into many of thong, aged 23 up to 50. I wouldn’t say the older women smell stronger, in fact my partners sister smells way stronger then her mum. Her mum leaves a pissy smell actually with a hint of pussy where she smells purely of pussy, It’s borderline attractive as some of them have been so strong it’s almost been off putting.

One notable situation was visiting our friends house a couple of weeks ago, she was the girl of the first story I told about my partners friends leaving bags here, she was the one who had 3 thongs in her bag. She has a downstairs toilet and i’ve used it many of times and always wondered where the used panty stash is. The partner was telling me about how he decorated upstairs, I acted interested and said “i’ve never seen upstairs” he said oh i’ll show you. As we went up and he showed me my eyes were wandering, prior to going back downstairs I said I need a wee i’ll just pop in here, he said yeah cool, I heard his foot steps go down and I quickly realised that they did not store the dirty clothes in the bathroom. I opened the door and went onto the landing, I saw a boiler in a closet in which the door was ajar. I opened it and BOOM there was a over flowing basket of worn clothes. On top was an off white thong. I grabbed it, pocketed it and went back into the bathroom. My heart was pounding and my hands shaking but I took out my 6.5’ member, laid the thong out on the floor and took a few pictures of it. Once the memories were captured I put it to my face and smelt all along the gusset, I found the sweet spot and came like a fountain. I flooded the palm of my hand with cum, I panicked and quickly washed my hand. I always take care NOT to cum on a thong, I would class this as disrespectful. I opened the door put it back in the wash bin efficiently and jogged down the stairs. I could still smell her pussy on and around my nose (Often happens if you bury yourself into it enough) my friend offered me a beer and we started a game of darts.

That’s just one i remember as it annoyed me the whole time that i never got to smell her thong as the first time her thongs were clean. She smelt great however and is like a size 8, very skinny and sexy
Another notable one was when I went on holiday with my partner and her friend and partner. I knew she wore thongs as she’s quoted them before in general conversation. I have also been to her house and she has an out building. Which is basically impossible to get too without it looking weird. Anyway, we are on holiday I recall it being the first day and we all leave the rooms to go out. Prior to that we had tested the split door, which separated our rooms. I figured that this had remain unlocked. As we had just exited the hotel I stopped and said, “i’ve forgot my face mask!”

Ironically my plan was to seek out her worn thong and in fact wear it as a face mask.

I went straight for the split door, saw her bag which was unpacked and there was no thongs to be found. I then looked and saw that there was a pair of male boxer shorts and a womens rather large panty in a pile on the floor. I grabbed the large panty and gave it a sniff. It was hard to find the exact placement which it being a panty but it did the trick, I came in the hood of my foreskin and quickly emptied it in the toilet once my climax had ended. I ran back down and met them and I recall them saying I took the piss.

It was disappointing that it was not a thong, i’ve had many of thong conversations with her (One I even recorded as I enjoy hearing people I know talk about thongs) and I know literally all she wears is thongs so to find a worn panty was very unlucky and i highly doubt i’ll get the chance any time soon to get my hands on one again.
The weekend just gone my partner made me aware that her parents house needed checking and the dog needed feeding and letting out as all of her parents, brother and sister were out. This rarely happens but it’s not the first time.

We were going out also, day time but had planned to come back in the evening, all day I was thinking and planning about how I be the one that goes to run the errand.

As we were driving home from where we were, It was on my mind but I didn’t mention it. I drove home a way in which her parents house was not on the way. As we pulled up and got out the car, I said “Oh, was we not meant to go let the dog out, i’ll go do it quickly and be back in ten mins”

I found myself on my way to the house, shaking with excitement, heart beating out my chest, knowing that I could be wearing a worn thong as a face mask within a couple of minutes.

I opened the door to which the dog greeted me. Of course I sorted the dog out first. As soon as I made his dinner and let him out I went upstairs. I noticed all the windows had been left open upstairs, I text my partner to say should I close them as it looks a bit odd, and she said yes. This was the cover I needed in case I made some kind of mistake up stairs or if they had for some reason got a camera.

The first place I went too was the wash bin at the top of the landing, it was empty! The mum must of done chores before she left! I then went into the mums bathroom where they have their own wash bin, there was a worn pair of boxers and a worn panty ( large in size ) I took a quick sniff of this whilst being mindful of time. I could smell mostly piss which is odd as usually she smells quite nice. I put the panty back as it was and left.

I then went into the brothers room, there’s been times in the past where i’ve been into his room and his partner has left a worn thong on the bedroom floor (To which i’ve grabbed, but that’s another story) I checked the floor, under the bed and in any obvious place I could but there was nothing!

I was now panicking so I went into the sisters (Aged 23) room, it was a complete mess in there. It looks like she had packed for the weekend in a rush and her blinds were open, I was paranoid that neighbours could see me. There was two pantys on the floor by the bottom of her bed, I grabbed these and could tell instantly they were clean. I put them back. I scanned the room for soiled underwear. I looked behind the open door and I seen a black bra, I moved it and underneath was a black thong. I knew it was worn. I grabbed it and moved straight for the shared bathroom. I turned the light one to find the right spot on the gusset and took the biggest snort I could. I inhaled so much pussy it made me instantly hard. I took my cock out and tugged until I came in the hood in my foreskin. Whilst the thong was pressed firmly against my nose. I emptied the cum in the toilet and flushed of course and put the thong back where I found it.

Before I left I thought i’d have a quick look in her panty drawer to see if she has anything new. Considering she was away it was quite full to my surprise.

I took a picture of both the worn thong and the thong drawer, i’ll post both later (saved now externally on a hard drive)

What I didn’t do, which I regret is check the mothers underwear drawer. I’ve checked this before and it was just full of pants with one unopened thong however the blinds were fully open and I would of been exposed to the neighbours in which they all know and I know too. Shame as the other day she was looking for a green pant to match the bra her husband bought her and she showed the phone to my partner whilst she was looking and it was a green thong, hopefully im lucky enough to find this one day.