You know you have a thong fetish when..


Just reading the word "thong" anywhere will send your brain into full erection mode.

You're constantly on the lookout for low-riding jeans while out in public.

You fantasize about taking that perfect creepshot.

You see a woman working out and all you can think about is that thong rubbing up against her pussy and ass getting all sweaty.

You got hard reading the one above.

Please feel free to continue with more examples :D


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When you see a pic of a women in fullback underwear you are surprised and think it looks strange and unnatural.

When you can remember her whaletail but not her face or her name.

When none of the underwear in your drawer actually covers your buttcheeks.


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When you are going on vacation to New York City but the only site you want to visit is "the red steps."


You know you have a thong fetish when a woman is naked and you are 8/10 aroused but if she's wearing a thong then you are 10/10 aroused. It is pretty obvious as well as they realize the excitement you feel when they are wearing thongs. It's just clothing at the end of the day but the arousal is something everyone on the forum can attest to and has felt likely since they were a teenager ;)
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last weekend I went to a party at my girlfriend's bestfriend place. Very late my girlfriend got a little drunk and very horny so we went to her friends room, we closed the door and had a very nice quicky there, as I always prefer, I finished at her face so while she washed her face I gave her friend's room a quick search and easily found her underwear drawer. I opened it full og hopes because she is not extremely hot but is ok and has a very nice round bubble butt. to my shame she had only cheeky panties and boyshorts, had to look deeply to find a single thong, among more than 50 pieces just 1 thong. I was very dissapointed. still I took some pics (you can find them at the pictures of thongs section).

I closed the drawer just in time to avoid being caught by my girlfriend. later at the party I put a lot of attention into my girlfriends's friend ass and noticed she had some boyshorts on, what a shame.

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When whaletail forum goes down, and you're not sure what to do with most of your day.

Also, and this is more of an observation I made when the above happened, why is almost all panty/thong porn terrible? Like they play with her panties for 2mins , then they're whipped off and we never see them again. Honestly can we start a gofundme so I can make some decent thong porn? None of it is made by someone with a fetish, it's just porn, smh.


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This is totally me. I’ll look around at porn videos and if the underwear is off 2 minutes in I move on to the next video. Something about a thong that accents a women’s ass so well.