Nice update. I love the mechanical bull rides on YouTube. So many chicks wearing short dresses/skirts and they still get on that bull, hoping to “keep their dresses from showing their thonged ass” but they know damn well it’s gonna show and they still get on it. I love it
You see the outline of her thong, through out the video, but at 10:50 - 11:50, she has the perfect whale tail as her leggings won' fit. Worth a look.

This one has a celebrity in it - Brain McFadden, but the thong belongs to some presented, sure nobody will complain about me posting it in this thread.

Love a big girl wearing a thong

I got more of these saved, so will post some soon.
At around 7mins nice thong bikini shot

At around 2.30mins, she talks about thongs and shows some of her string ones

At around 6.50, she claims to have an ugly whale tail