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If someone could be a great person and screen record this woman’s Patreon if you have it. No one isn’t going to pay $500.

Was able to find these threads
Don't know why anyone would pay that!!


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If you watch from 45 seconds, there is a girl being swung, I can't tell if it's a thong or belt, I have watched it about 10 times and I can't figure out what it is

What do you think



I don't agree, looks like she is wearing leggings, so wouldn't be wearing a belt.
Definitely a thong. Great catch!
You both are wrong! First jeggings can be black with belt loops my girlfriend owns some, second if you watch the video HD you can clearly see the black belt loops and even the beige logo tag on the right of her pants. The belt is tannish colored so it looks like skin plus the black belt loops easily could be confused as a thong but clearly isn’t, I took screen shots see for yourselves.