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no thong slips in this video but i gave watched a few dozen of these type of videos but i haven't seen any whaletails:(
I would expect Colombians would wear a lot of thongs but i haven't managed to find any. ANyone else watch these videos and have seen slips?


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At around 12.40 there is a thong slip from what I can see
Thanks for the pointer, but I'm still not convinced it is. If you watch the rest of the video, there're more slips, but it still isn't clear that it's a thong. There's a black laced section in the centre with pink detail, but below and around this area is leopard print fabric which gives the appearance of flesh from a distance. It could be boy shorts with the lace up detail (and this is what I think they are). I've watched it on 0.25 speed and am fairly convinced its not a thong, much to my disappointment (I've been a long time fan of hers).