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Sorry again - newish to this forum… wasn’t sure if you wanted me to reach out on here or in a message but:

was hoping you could add me to the reaction discord as I have a few videos and pics to share.
I'm pretty new to this so I need ideas. I'm taking requests for video content. Just PM me! Please try to keep requests to type of videos that I could have a chance of posting on youtube!
Maybe you want to watch me clean the bathroom in a white thong, black bra (this was previously a paid post at )
And there you have it gentlemen I proudly call my brothers (and any females who are always welcome) there’s two links below to my sexy bratty loving sister Brooky. However it may not quite work at the moment as I continuously worked my ass off to get this going! But I have to admit, had it not been for my iron dedication and never satisfied lust for incest and exotic and unique thongs, elastic g strings, etc.I never would have got this done ☑️ ✊🏽🤙🏽😁
Click on any of the links and hopefully it works on your guy’s devices because let me tell you, this shit took me the longest time to figure but at least I know what to do now. Thank you for your ongoing support and awesome patience. Fantastize and fap on! 🤟🏽 🙌🏽 💯 Please, if any bros have any requests please do not hesitate to hit me up. Just on here though lol I don’t want anyone spamming my emails 😅😆
you should get thong slip videos that would be hot :)
It appears I am having technical difficulties. Forgive me friends I haven’t been on here for awhile. I have reported it. Hopefully they can fix it or at least guide me on how to resolve this matter. Believe me I got a lot of masterbating worthy pics including back to back pics of brooky and aunt candy. Fingers crossed gentlemen! 🤞🤞
Good 2 bę back friends! 🙌🏽 You’ll be happy to know I have successfully acquired some sexy treasures of lace, elastic g strings! And many more sweet sexy and plenty of incestful relics and all kinds of tangas. Worry not my friends for your patience will be awarded.
I'm up for swapping with you. Ive got some amazing candids of my gf's slutty ass in a g-string. How about you?
Hey Kingpintv,

Thanks for your comment! I'm not sure which red VS pair your talking about. Do you have a link/pic of what you're talking about?

so its the third picture, middle thong. she would look great in that. thank you for sharing, we all love it
Looking for a thong/whaletail/wedgie master ? Who will give me orders& requests to do, anyone Intrested
Ok how does this work and i have a few of my girls thongs and panties for sale js